New Release: Alpego Inversa

Alpego has developed a unique rotary cultivator named Inversa, which buries stones, clods and trash, leaving only a fine seedbed on the surface to plant seeds

Alpego Inversa working in stony soil

The new cultivator makes it easier for seeding and seed germination, as well as allows harvesting machinery to work more efficiently and reduces crop damage from bruising during harvest such as in the case of root crops.

Alpego has achieved this by taking their experience in manufacturing traditional rotary hoes and by reversing the gearbox, so the rotor works in reverse and cuts upward rather than downward.

The stones, clods and residue are lifted up and over the rotor and placed at the rear of the machine to the bottom of the seedbed and the lighter finer soil is left on top, leaving a fine seedbed for seeding and improved germination.

The Alpego Inversa IZ model has a maximum 280hp rated central drive gearbox and does not require such a large tractor; it works perfectly well when paired with tractors from 120hp.

The gearbox is unique to Alpego as it drives the rotor from the centre unlike traditional rotary hoes, which drive from the side.

Soil profile shows stones at the base of the seed bed and fine soil in the seeding zone on top after cultivated with the Alpego Inversa

The machine is manufactured to a high standard using only specialised high-tensile steel from Sweden throughout the construction and high-quality bearings and components, ensuring performance and reliability, which is endorsed by the manufacturer’s two-year full warranty. It’s fitted with a large diameter 520mm rear packer roller to consolidate the soil to preserve moisture for seed germination, and an optional cage roller is also available for heavier sticky soils where consolidation is not required.

“The Alpego Inversa is already proving its place in specialised cropping applications such as market gardening around New Zealand,” says OriginAg, New Zealand’s importer of Alpego.
For further information or to find the nearest authorised OriginAg dealer visit, originag.co.nz.  

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