Amazone enters the spot spraying sector

Amazone has released its first UX trailed sprayers equipped with its award-winning AmaSpot spot spraying technology

Awarded a silver medal for innovation at Agritechnica 2015, AmaSpot is now available with the company’s UX 5200 and 4200 models.  

Ama Spot -1

“The technology can significantly reduce spraying costs and the amount of chemical entering the environment,” says CLAAS Harvest Centre product manager – Amazone, Craig Hopkins.

“Spot spraying can slash input costs by up to 80 percent compared to full-field treatment. There are also time savings in reducing the number of refills required and thus a substantial increase in the number of hectares that can be treated each day.”

Developed in cooperation with Rometron and Agrotop, the AmaSpot system combines  boom-mounted GreenSense infrared sensors and pulse width modulation nozzles.

“GreenSense infrared sensors scan the field surface and differentiate between green plants and bare ground,” says Craig.

Ama Spot -2

“The sensors detect chlorophyll, which is the ‘signature’ of green plants. Each sensor monitors a 100 cm wide band divided into four sectors, which allows extremely accurate application of crop protection products.

“Individual nozzle switching then opens and closes the selected nozzle in a split-second to apply the herbicide exactly at desired position. This combination enables the precise application of herbicides to individual plants, even at forward speeds of up to 20 km/h or at night.”

Ama Spot -3

The pulse width frequency modulation (PWFM) nozzles are controlled by valves with a high frequency range of 50 Hz.

“This high switching speed means the valves can be opened or closed in two milliseconds, while the application rate can be adjusted from 30 to 100 percent, or turned off or on, in two milliseconds,” he says. “PWFM regulation means spray pressure and droplet size is always maintained.”

AmaSpot also permits a combination of blanket coverage and site-specific application.


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