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With ease of operation, build quality, premium feature offering, and warranty backing, the Bobcat compact tractors are an appealing option


Bobcat-branded equipment has global recognition for absolute quality and durability. Bobcat now also offers more agricultural-focused machinery, including tractors and telescopic handlers, designed to cater to a versatile range of industries alongside agriculture, such as construction, landscaping, and councils.

Bobcat was established back in 1958 after the founders invented the first-ever compact loader and it quickly became a hit. In fact, the original compact loader was designed to help a turkey farmer clean his livestock pens and stalls.

While it has significantly expanded its offerings over the last 60 years, Bobcat applies its ‘one tough animal’ principle to everything it makes and sells, ensuring each piece of equipment is built to work and built to last.

As with all the Bobcat-branded equipment, the compact tractors are a high-quality, sturdy build. The current model range available in New Zealand features a three-and four-cylinder diesel engine ranging from 26 to 55hp and hydrostatic transmissions.

One of the drawcards of the Bobcat tractors is the number of features that come standard with most machines, such as cruise control, linked pedal, industrial-spec tyres, loader with four-in-one bucket, integrated joystick, and adjustable suspension seat.


In addition to front-end loader work, the tractors can be used for a variety of other jobs, such as mowing, slashing, raking, grading, and even digging with a backhoe attachment, thanks to a three-point hitch, rear hydraulics, and rear PTO, which again all come standard. The tractors feature a two-pedal design and hydrostatic transmission, making driving easy for operators.

“You certainly do not need any prior experience driving tractors or any kind of machinery to be able to operate the Bobcat, meaning anyone at home can hop on and lend a hand around the farm or lifestyle block,” the brand says.

The tractors are also smooth and comfortable to operate. Power steering provides effortless driving and helps to reduce operator fatigue and forward and reverse is controlled via foot pedals on the floor. This coupled with tight turning radiuses, allows operators to drive the tractor through gates and around poles, trees, and buildings with ease.

The hydrostatic transmissions operate just like an automatic vehicle, and operators only need to stop when they want to change range. This makes it great for loader or mower work when you need to go back and forth repetitively.

The loader joystick, which comes standard on all models, lets operators control the loader movements effortlessly and with its position on the right side of the operator, frees up the left hand to steer and the feet to control forward and reverse.


All models come standard with a foldable ROPS frame and industrial tyres, however, there are two other tyre options to choose from, including turf tyres for less disturbance on the green as well as agricultural tyres with deep lugs that deliver more traction when pulling heavier implements.

Additionally, to the standard offerings, which are already plentiful, Bobcat offers a range of options for the compact tractor range, including front weights, sun canopy, mid-PTO kit, rear weight, toolbox, rear-view mirror kit, and more.

Maintenance on the entire Bobcat tractor range is simple and cost-effective. The servicing points are all easily accessible via one side of the machine under the one-piece engine hood.
Clark Equipment NZ Ltd is also offering a five-year or 5000-hour non-commercial warranty on all of its Bobcat compact tractors.

Bobcat’s compact tractors are built for work but are also fun to drive around. With ease of operation, build quality, premium feature offering, and warranty backing, the Bobcat compact tractors are an appealing option.

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