New release: Bogballe monitor

With the launch of the new Calibrator TOTZ, Bogballe shows once again that precision farming is its speciality

The solution is targeted at farmers who utilise all disciplines within precision agriculture. Fully automatic calibration, section control via GPS, and use of application maps are therefore obvious functions included in the package. According to Bogballe, with the new solution, they come right out into the field corners to optimise the crop.

Calibrator TOTZ includes a full-colour touch display with an advanced monitoring system

Fully automatic calibration

The fully automatic quantity is the assurance that the amount that’s desired to be applied in the field is also spread out. Previously, a uniform quantity on the entire field was the alpha and omega for the farmer. Today, it’s more nuanced.

In precision agriculture, the quantities are rather uneven than evenly distributed throughout the field. This means that we must be able to dose differently when e.g. an application on maps or a crop sensor shows that the amount of fertiliser must be variated. The weighing technique is perfect for this, as it measures in kg and also doses in kg/ha. It can even be done individually on the right and left side of the spreader with different quantities, claims Bogballe.

With new algorithms, Calibrator TOTZ provides faster response and increases precision all the way to the corners of the field.

The monitor software includes new control algorithms for fully automatic quantity and section control. It provided unprecedented precision and matches the requirements of modern crop production. The advantages are even faster calibration than before together with optimised spreading in wedges on the headland area in connection with border spreading. If the spreader is equipped with the optional equipment Section Control Dynamic, the spreading system is able to spread in the corners of the field with fine-tuned overlapping. It gives a more uniform crop also in the field corners.

Bogballe In-Centre spreading pattern provides double overlap for accuracy

Advanced diagnostics keeps an eye on the spreader

Calibrator TOTZ includes a full-colour touch display with an advanced monitoring system capable of diagnosing the electric functions of the spreader. The diagnostic is carried out continuously, both when switching on the control unit but also while spreading. If, for example, the system detects any operating error, the Calibrator informs the user directly on the display. Any error codes are stored in the terminal’s memory. The user is, therefore, able to read a list of any errors that have occurred. It allows to describe the error in detail in connection with service, and thus allows for quick and efficient assistance.

It has been thoroughly tested in practice for a nine-month period leading up to the launch. At the same time, the monitor has undergone intensive laboratory tests, including vibration, cold, and heat exposure tests. After a successful test run, it’s ready to be a reliable partner when it comes to spreading fertiliser.

The first spreaders with Calibrator TOTZ have already been produced and have arrived in New Zealand ready for customer delivery.

For customers who are more into ISOBUS solutions, Bogballe is also able to deliver such spreaders with similar functionality.  

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