Spreader technology: Bogballe spreaders

Bogballe has incorporated technology into the design of its fertiliser spreaders to assist in reducing excess nitrogen application on fields and into waterways

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Bogballe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders.

With the objective of always developing techniques for spreading fertilisers, and with only one focus in a single product line, Bogballe ensures customers they are investing in not only the best technology but are also backed by a true specialist in their field.

Bogballe has been producing its well-known blue fertiliser spreader for more than 70 years. Its worldwide export market has taken Bogballe to more than 100 countries, including New Zealand where the brand’s spreaders are imported, sold, and serviced by OriginAg dealers nationwide.

With increasing pressure on farmers to be more ecological and meet new environmental standards, in particular, nitrogen soil levels and water quality, Bogballe has incorporated technology into the design of its fertiliser spreaders to assist in reducing excess nitrogen application on fields and into waterways.

Bogballe In-Centre spreading pattern provides double overlap for accuracy

All Bogballe spreaders are fitted standard with a simple border control mechanism which, when activated, changes the spread pattern to place the fertiliser only up to the border. This allows the operator to drive with confidence along fence lines without fertiliser being spread outside the field or into any waterways.

Bogballe App for spreader calibration 

Bogballe offers a full range of electronic controllers with section control and varying functions. All have GPS compatibility so can be integrated with most GPS systems. This controls the placement of fertiliser in the field by adjusting the amount or shutting the spreader off automatically when driving over previously spread areas. This also provides automatic off/on when driving into and out of headlands. The controllers help monitor and measure the amount of fertiliser spread in the field with proof of placement.

As weigh scales have revolutionised fertiliser spreaders, Bogballe was the first to integrate a weighing system more than 30 years ago and claims to have perfected the technique. Weigh scales continuously measure the actual fertiliser in the spreader hopper and adjust the flow rate, leaving the hopper in relation to any change in ground speed or the flow of the fertiliser to maintain the target quantity (kg/ha). This is a fully automatic system, providing more accuracy as well as being easier to operate the spreader, as it’s fully automatic including the fertiliser calibration.

Bogballe is compatible with most GPS systems including its own Navi-App tablet option

Bogballe spreaders use the ‘In-Centre’ spreading technique where spreading discs turn into the centre. Each disc spreads fertiliser a full 180 degrees, overlapping to create a double overlap on one pass. This results in a highly accurate and precise spread pattern and placement of fertiliser on the ground. 

These features provide many solutions for farmers and contractors to better manage their fertiliser inputs and usually result in a 10 to 15% reduction in the amount of fertiliser being applied, thus lowering environmental impact and increasing on-farm profits at the same time.  

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