Business Profile: Sheds4U

With a wide range of options on offer, Sheds4U will customise designs to suit customer needs or build one from scratch

Sheds4U is a New Zealand business specialising in the manufacture of kitset sheds, supplying an impressive selection of kitset solutions custom designed to suit any purpose, anywhere in New Zealand. The business tailor sheds to individual requirements and budgets. Since it is family-owned, the team place great emphasis on ensuring total client satisfaction.

To achieve your ultimate shed, Patrick Whiteman of Sheds4U advises to be clear on a few objectives before starting your project. He recommends that the first question to decide on is clearance, followed by: what sort of access will you need? How high are the roof and the roller doors? Will your boat fit under the roller door? Will you have enough room for a vehicle lift? If you have an overhead crane or chain block, is it high enough to be clear of obstacles? Do you want an inspection pit built in?

Sheds4U usually supply the shed and can recommend builders in all locations or allow the customer a DIY option. Through an expert design service, detailed plans suitable for council requirements in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands can be provided.

Other considerations are the utilities you will need and how to plan for them: power, water, waste water, and dealing with rainwater. What about solar power?

When considering your site, give some thought to the actual orientation of the shed, and in particular, to the position of the sun in regard to both temperature and light. A shed that has plenty of natural light is a pleasure to work in and far cheaper to run. Consider the prevailing wind direction, too, and try to orient doors so they don’t open into the howling southerly or whichever wind is prevalent in your region. If you are in a snow-prone region, the roof may require heavier structural members due to snow load.

Shed insulation

If you live in cooler areas, consider insulation. It is just as important in warm areas, as tin sheds can get hot in summer and ventilators in the roof make a difference. Roof underlay prevents condensation dripping on equipment in winter. It can be as simple as black builder’s paper or as elaborate as batts but it is worth the investment.

If the building is of a size that makes it viable, consider lining the walls with something such as plywood that will allow you to screw fittings directly to the wall, as well as provide some insulation. Sheds4U boasts a wide range of sizes and styles of shed and the team is happy to customise designs to suit individual requirements or design a new building from scratch. Not being tied to any particular franchise means Sheds4U is free to build in any style and in any material.

Building your dream workshop can prove to be surprisingly affordable and be an investment that will repay you for many years to come.

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