New release: Case IH LB4 XL baler

Farm Trader takes a look at the new Case IH LB4 XL baler's capabilities and features

The new Case IH LB XL baler features a longer bale

Due to be officially released at New Zealand National Fieldays®, the Case IH LB4 XL balers, with a longer bale chamber, are already hard at work doing the business for contractors Dean Chamberlain and Jeff Erard.

By lengthening the bale chamber by 800mm in three new LB XL models, Case IH has increased bale density in its balers by up to 10%. The new configuration provides more consistent bale density in different operating conditions and better bale shape.

The new LB4 XL models also have a more robust chassis and frame so they can produce consistent, higher-density bales of hay, silage, and straw. The bales are also well-shaped with tight corners for efficient and safe stacking.

A new rotor tine layout for uniform feed delivery into the baler creates more consistent, denser bales while an improved knife protection system improves cutting performance in both low and high capacity baling.

Central Canterbury-based contractor Dean Chamberlain has eight Case IH tractors (Puma LWB primarily) and a one-year-old Case IH LB434 XL Rotor Cutter. Working between the Rakaia and Waimakariri rivers and back to the Southern Alps, he’s been doing baling and silage for the past 14 years.

He’s enjoying the longer bale chamber, which allows bales to exit the bale chute closer to the ground for a gentler drop, minimising the risk of twine and bale breakages. To accommodate the longer bale chamber, the axles sit further to the rear of the baler to keep it in good balance.

The LB4 XL balers feature new TwinePro knotters, which have higher knot strength resulting in fewer twine breakages. TwinePro knotters are a new triple-loop knotter system that avoids contaminating the feed with twine offcuts that are normally present in double-loop knotter systems.

Dean and Jacqui Chamberlain with the Case IH LB XL baler

ISOBUS III control provides feed rate control for optimal productivity and consistency from the baler and task logging for accurate job data collection. There are also options to add scales, a moisture meter, and electronic bale length control for greater accuracy, ease of operation, and instant data collection of baled product.

Manawatu-based contractor Jeff Erard recently bought a Case IH LB334 XL square baler, adding to a full fleet of Case IH tractors, including a new Case IH Puma 165 and two Maxxum 140s.

Jeff says the longer chamber creates a denser bale that puts more crop into heavier bales. Reducing bale counts for the same job means lower handling, wrapping, and transportation costs and more profitable operation.

Structurally, the body of the LB4 XL balers is 25cm wider between the side panels. The extra space helps reduce crop accumulation and allows more space for maintenance.

Overall, the LB4 XL Series has been strengthened to carry extra weight at the rear from the extended bale chamber, while the plunger has been upgraded to handle the higher loads from the high- density bales.

The feeding system has been also been improved with a wider stuffer feeder and a heavy-duty rotor that withstands wear in abrasive conditions. The LB4 XL stuffer has a new design that maintains an even stroke speed and the stuffer teeth are set at an angle that improves slice filling. This improves bale shape because the bale corners are consistently well-filled.

As the name implies, the Active Bale Ejection System is a redesigned bale ejection system. The previous passive system relied on movement of the teeth against product to catch and then insert. Now, when bale eject is activated, 10 teeth are driven into the bale to eject it out of the chamber.

For added safety, the new LB4 XL large square balers have folding handrails for safer access to the whole service area and the new railings project further to the front of the machine for the same reason. Case IH also manufactures the LB 324 XL, which produces 80 x 70cm bales, and the 424 XL, which produces 120 x 70cm bales.

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