Global machinery news: Case IH Vestrum tractor range

Farmers and contractors can now choose the ActiveDrive 8 powershift transmission in lieu of the CVXDrive continuously variable transmission on the Case IH 100hp to 130hp Vestrum tractor range

ActiveDrive 8 option gives Vestrum operators a cheaper alternative if they do not require the full capabilities of CVT

The ActiveDrive 8 option was previously only available on the 115hp to 150hp Maxxum tractors and now gives Vestrum operators a cheaper alternative if they do not require the full capabilities of CVT.

Range one offers a 0 to 10.7km per hour speed band to suit heavy draft work, while range two, with a speed bracket of 4.3 to 18.1km per hour, meets most
work needs.

For road travel, the transmission can start in range three, with a 0 to 40km per hour speed range and a skip-shift function that allows quick powershift step progression. A creep speed option allows speeds down to 190km per hour for specialist applications.

Vestrum ActiveDrive 8 tractors are available with a choice of two specification packages. ‘Selection’ models are equipped with mechanical remote valves, an 80 or 110 litres per minute hydraulic pump, three-speed PTO, and front linkage options.

There are two roof options: a low roof version of 2.7 metres features a panoramic window for loader work, while a standard roof alternative comes with a height of 2.83 metres. Air conditioning, passenger seat, and cab suspension can be chosen.

The alternative ‘Advanced’ specification features additional equipment, including front linkage with Front Hitch Management, electro-hydraulic remotes, plus optional features such as Advanced Headland Management, auto guidance managed via the AFS Pro 700 Plus display and ISOBUS options.

Whether specified with CVXDrive or ActiveDrive 8, Vestrum tractors use the same FPT NEF 4.5-litre per four-cylinder Stage V engines. Developing up to 10hp more than their rated output between 1700rpm and 1900rpm, they produce maximum torque at 1300rpm.

Vestrum tractors use FPT NEF 4.5L per 4-cylinder Stage V engines

The standard implement coupling package includes a Cat II/III N 5600kg rear hitch, while a 2300kg front hitch is optional, as is a 1000rpm front PTO with wet clutch. Manoeuvrability is aided by a 4.5-metre turning circle.

With a noise level of 69dB(A), the suspended cab options include a loader joystick with transmission control buttons. The AFS Pro 700 Plus touchscreen terminal comes with a quick-start menu and up to four camera inputs.

AEF ISOBUS certification for Universal Terminal and Task Controller functionalities guarantees compatibility with AEF ISOBUS-certified implements. Optional AFS Connect telematics capability allows remote monitoring and instant data capture.

Additional features, including AFS AccuGuide auto guidance and AFS AccuTurn Pro automated headland turning technology, are also available.

“By adding the ActiveDrive 8 eight-step powershift option to the Vestrum line, we’re aiming to broaden its appeal by offering a greater range of specification to customers in this power segment to meet a wider range of needs,” says Christel Diebolt, Case IH product marketing manager for Vestrum tractors.

“This is a true powershift that uses our double-clutch technology so there’s no loss of drive or traction during speed or direction changes. It also allows the tractor to move off in the highest range, increase field speed without interrupting power to the wheels, deliver almost imperceptible gear changes and, via the Active Clutch II feature, come to a standstill using only the brake pedal.”

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