Company profile: Catalyst Fuel Refunds

Need help getting petrol excise refund money back in your pocket? Catalyst Fuel Refunds can help.

If your business uses petrol off the road, you may be eligible for an excise tax refund of up to $0.61 per litre. Dependent on your fuel usage, this can easily add up to $2000 –or more – cash in the hand, just for your first two-year claim. That’s where Catalyst Fuel Refunds comes in, to make claiming petrol fuel refunds easy.

Many of Catalyst’s clients either don’t realise they are eligible to make a claim in the first place, forget or don’t have time to submit an application.

Catalyst’s clients have said they find the current manual process complicated and confusing, often just giving up. Catalyst’s easy-to-use, no-fuss system does all the hard work for you, helping you maximise the returns to your business.

If the internet is not for you, Catalyst’s freephone call centre is manned by helpful staff to guide you through the process quickly and easily. Furthermore, the once-off registration is free. It’s that easy.

Catalyst Fuel Refunds was started by two young Kiwi blokes, Jared Maloney and Nick Sowman, both from Hawke’s Bay and with agricultural business backgrounds. While listening to family and friends complain about the complex claim process, the pair realised an opportunity to make claiming fuel refunds simple.

“We exist to support eligible businesses in claiming back their petrol excise from fuel used for commercial off-road purposes,” says Maloney.

“Catalyst acts as an agent on behalf of eligible clients, ensuring they receive back up to $0.61 per litre of their hard-earned money paid in petrol taxes.”

Businesses that may be eligible include those using ATVs, chainsaws, mowers, pumps and generators, among other things. If you’re working in a primary industry, you could be eligible.

If there’s no refund, there’s no fee, so you have nothing to lose by registering today or by calling Catalyst’s helpdesk to find out more.

For more information contact Catalyst Fuel Refunds on 0800 473 727

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