Claas introduces two new satellite connection signals

Claas has introduced two new satellite correction signals for use in its steering guidance systems

Transmitted by geostationary satellites and available worldwide, the signal supports both GPS and Glonass and is compatible with the European Galileo system.

Claas S10 terminal

Claas Harvest Centre product manager (Claas Jaguar) Luke Wheeler says the two signals are suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications.

“SATCOR 5 provides an accuracy of five centimetres, which is suitable for precision work such as drilling,” he says.

“SATCOR 15 has an accuracy of 15cm and is suitable for cultivating, fertilising, crop protection, and harvesting applications.

“This is a very reliable alternative to freely-available correction signals that have only limited usability.”

No additional receiver hardware is required. All Claas S10 or S7 terminals less than two years old can receive SATCOR signals. Access to either signal is available as an annual licence. Local Claas Harvest Centre’s can assist with a licence and advise whether existing terminal is compatible.

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