New release: Claas Xerion tractors

Claas has added two new Xerion tractors to the series, the 12.590 at 585hp and the 12.650 at 653hp

Two new powerful Xerion tractors have been launched by Claas

The tractors feature the highly efficient low-engine speed drive concept 2.0, the Cemos operator assistance system, an enormous hydraulic pump capacity of up to 537 litres per minute, and a new spacious cab with a four-point suspension.

These two new more powerful models are designed as highly efficient specialists for the toughest of draught work, such as pulling wide cultivators and seed drills as well as chaser bins.

When it came to engine technology, Mercedes-Benz was again the obvious choice, using the 15.6-litre OM473 LA six-cylinder in-line engine. Turbo compound technology with wastegate turbocharger ensures enormous power development, even at low engine speeds, and maximum efficiency under full and partial load at the same time.

As a result, the maximum torque, an impressive 3100Nm in the Xerion 12.650, is available even at 1300rpm. The idling speed is set at a low 650rpm.

The coolers for engine, transmission, hydraulics, and axles are generously sized for maximum efficiency and positioned for easy access. The cooling area can be cleaned at the press of a button with the aid of the hydraulic reversible fan.

The fuel tank in the Xerion 12 Series has a capacity of 1400 litres, while the AdBlue tanks can hold 90 litres. The central position of the fuel tank means that the tractor’s weight distribution does not change during the working day as the fill level falls.

Moving with CVT

The new Xerion 12 Series is equipped with the latest generation Cmatic continuously variable transmission, maintenance-friendly, durable, and perfectly matched to the engine’s optimal torque and consumption characteristics.

Thanks to four automatically selected drive modes, the transmission works with a high degree of efficiency, transferring power to both axles continuously.

The low-engine speed concept 2.0 in the Xerion encompasses the power hydraulics as well as the drive. Up to three load-sensing pumps supply external consumers with a maximum of 537 litres per minute at 1900rpm.

This ample output means that even the widest air seeders with a continuously high oil demand can be operated even more efficiently at greatly reduced engine speed. Up to eight double-acting control circuits continuously supply sufficient oil to cultivation implements, drills, and precision air seeders, too, with prioritised control circuits able to deliver up to 140 litres per minute to the highest consumers.

New Terra Trac 400 crawler tracks

Claas Industrietechnik in Paderborn developed new crawler track assemblies with positive drive for the Xerion 12 Series. Sturdy steering axles with two auxiliary steering cylinders per axle and large drive wheels transfer power gently to the drive belts while simultaneously engaging eight lugs.

The two-part frame construction of the crawler tracks enables the two pairs of mid-rollers, which are mounted on bogies to adapt to ground contours independently of the main frame.
Large rubber blocks between the undercarriage and the main frame of the crawler track assembly effectively buffer bumps and vibrations. In addition to the multi-pass effect, ideal 50:50 weight distribution regardless of tank level and combined with the efficient drivetrain with low-engine speed concept 2.0, reduces fuel consumption by 8 to 10% per hour compared with other tractor concepts in this performance class.

Driver comfort

The cab has been extended by 27cm at the front, making it currently the largest Command Centre in the premium tractor segment. Footrests can be factory-fitted behind the steering column and on the right-hand A-pillar. The driver’s seat is available in three versions with standard upholstery or optional high-quality cotton or leather upholstery and can be rotated by 40 degrees to give the driver a perfect view of attached implements.

Both the exhaust gas after-treatment system and the exhaust system are fully integrated into the right-hand side of the chassis under the cab.

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