Cover story: A new era of MF tractors

Continuing the iconic Massey Ferguson’s long and rich history with NZ farmers, Farm Trader NZ previews the new MF 8S Series

Not only does the new MF 8S Series bring a new era of straightforward and dependable tractors to the market but the performance and overall concept is a winner too, and that’s not just with farmers and contractors.

Judged by a jury from 26 European countries, the MF 8S.265 Dyna E-Power Exclusive was announced as the Tractor Of The Year 2021. The award was presented at a special Tractor Of The Year 2021 (fully digital) event ceremony and cements the decades of thoughtful design and research which are the heart of this model.

“Everyone involved with Massey Ferguson is overjoyed to receive the ultimate honour of Tractor Of The Year 2021,” says Fergal Meehan, director marketing at AGCO Australia/New Zealand.

“This prestigious award recognises how we are delivering an enhanced user experience and providing our customers with the benefits of connectivity and smart farming technology for a sustainable future.”

Award-winning technology

The mighty Massey Ferguson 8S Series at work

The MF 8S.265 Dyna E-Power Exclusive heads the MF 8S Series, which includes four models from 205hp to 265hp, all offering 20hp of extra power with Engine Power Management (EPM).

Completely new, the MF 8S Series introduces novel, innovative designs in every area – across the engine, cab, transmissions, and driveline, as well as with new controls and connectivity.

Designed for farmers by farmers, following seven years of testing around the globe and extensive customer consultations, the MF 8S Series delivers exactly what operators want.

While equipped with superb specifications, at the same time, it offers exceptional value for money by ensuring owners will only pay for what they need.

“Our MF NEXT visionary concept, shown for the first time at Agritechnica in 2019, is now a reality,” says Fergal. “At the show, we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, which made the impossible become possible. Now it’s time to deliver that vision landing on Earth. We’re not launching just a tractor but also marking a new era for our brand.”

Clear cut design

The MF 8S Series boasts impressive connectivity and smart farming technologies

The four completely new MF 8S Series tractor models all feature the unique Protect-U cab/engine installation and a radical ‘neo-retro’ design. The Protect-U design features a 24cm space that separates the engine from the cab and insulates it from noise, heat, and vibration. With noise levels of just 68dB, it’s one of the quietest in the market and, with an interior volume of 3.4 cubic metres, it’s also one of the most spacious.

Built on a 3.05-metre wheelbase, the four models offer maximum power from 205hp to 265hp, all with an extra 20hp from EPM.

At the same time, Massey Ferguson introduces new, straightforward numbering. Taking as an example, the MF 8S.265 model: the 8 stands for the Series, the S stands for the specification level, and the last three digits are the maximum power. In true Massey Ferguson form, simplicity is the key to success.

Introducing more than just a tractor

The ultimate in operator comfort and performance

The launch of the MF 8S Series heralds a completely new era for Massey Ferguson, introducing an enhanced user experience encompassing the benefits of connectivity and smart farming technologies.

To meet the demands of modern, sustainable farming, Massey Ferguson combines state-of-the-art machinery with a comprehensive range of fully connected services to help customers manage their businesses more effectively.

Finance and extended warranty can be fully integrated into the package. With MF Connect Telemetry and the new MyMF Customer Portal (depending on countries), users can manage their fleets with MF cloud-based solutions.

“This delivers the next level of straightforward and dependable tractors that operators asked for,” says Fergal. “Customers told us they need a tractor that’s comfortable, with unrivalled visibility, efficient, easy to use, and smart. Massey Ferguson has responded straight to the point with the MF 8S and the associated services.”

Industry-leading cab

Exceptional visibility over the slim, wasp-waisted bonnet

The industry-leading, four-pillar cab is the quietest on the market, at only 68dB, with a distinctive inclined windscreen providing ultimate space and visibility. Inside, it provides optimum control using the new Multipad control lever and armrest, along with connectivity for smart farming operations.

A new digital MF vDisplay, fitted to the right-hand pillar, replaces the dashboard and leaves just the steering wheel and Power Control lever to ensure exceptional visibility over the slim, wasp-waisted bonnet.

Complete connectivity is assured with MF Connect telemetry and Datatronic 5 terminal fitted as standard. There’s also the option to use an extra Fieldstar 5 terminal to manage the MF Technologies Suite, including MF Guide, MF Section Control, and MF Rate Control. High comfort cab combines comfort, visibility, and connectivity

With 6.6 cubic metre glass area, the workplace is light and airy, boasting unrivalled space and visibility. Replacing the dashboard with the new digital ‘MF vDisplay’ terminal fitted to the right pillar leaves just the steering wheel and Power Control lever in front of the driver, providing exceptional forward visibility over the slim, super wasp-waisted bonnet.

Inside the cab, operators can enjoy real leather on the seat (optional), a leatherette finish on the steering wheel and trim (optional). The new high-quality seat is auto-air suspended, heated, ventilated, and equipped with lateral damping. There is, of course, efficient automatic air-con, which is supplied through 14 outlets. Mechanical active cab suspension further enhances comfort on Exclusive models.

The ‘MF vDisplay’ digital dashboard shows all the tractor information at a glance. Easy to read and with intuitive operation, its clear display can be personalised and changed by simply scrolling through settings with a rotary knob by the steering wheel.

The new Control Centre armrest fitted with the latest easy-to-use MultiPad lever provides complete fingertip control. This ISOBUS compatible lever operates all the tractor functions and includes an integral micro-joystick to control two spool valves.

The updated Datatronic 5 (new ‘glossy’ front glass and user interface) is mounted on an adjustable arm. This nine-inch touchscreen terminal is as easy and intuitive to use as any mobile phones or tablets. It’s a single screen system for controlling the tractor functions and manage all MF Technologies such as MF Guide, MF Section, and Rate Control as well as MF Task Doc data capture and transfer.

High performance and efficiency

The industry-leading, four-pillar cab is the quietest on the market at only 68dB

Latest Stage V AGCO Power six-cylinder 7.4-litre engines deliver more power, torque, and performance at low rpm, reducing operating costs. Massey Ferguson’s straightforward All-In-One after-treatment technology along with hydraulic tappet adjustment, which are both maintenance-free, help reduce running costs.

These robust engines develop 205hp to 265hp, with EPM providing an extra 20hp for transport, PTO, and hydraulic applications. Maximum power is generated already at 1000rpm and it’s constant up to 1500rpm, providing high performance at low engine speeds that cuts fuel consumption by 10% and noise by up to 6dB.

All-In-One integrated Selected Catalytic Reduction (SCR) with a Soot Catalyst (SC) is a fully integrated system that does not require the use of a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or complex Variable Geometry Turbocharger. Designed to last the lifetime of the tractor, this compact unit, mounted outside the tractor, ensures visibility remains completely unimpeded and the exhaust pipe is even slimmer than before.

Unique encapsulated engine

Massey Ferguson combines state-of-the-art machinery with a comprehensive range of fully connected services

The distinctive ‘Protec-U’ design with its 24cm gap between the cab and the engine installation sets the MF 8S Series apart from all other tractors. As well as reducing heat, noise, and vibrations being transmitted to the cab, the unique encapsulated engine position improves cooling and performance.

Air drawn in from the middle of the tractor, behind the engine, is cleaner than that from the standard position. This clean air helps reduce the load on the main air filter while optimising engine performance.

This innovative design greatly improves accessibility for cleaning the radiators too. Making it easier to carry out regular maintenance will improve reliability and helping reduce downtime.

New highly efficient, easy-to-use transmissions

Designed and developed by its in-house experts, the Dyna E-Power, Dual Clutch gearbox combines the advantages of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with the ability to transmit power as efficiently as a mechanical transmission. This new unit even further reduces power losses versus previous MF 7700 S Dyna-6, by up to 26% at higher speeds, delivering fuel savings up to 10%.

Dyna E-Power provides more than a full powershift, using Dual Clutch technology for ranges shift allowing anticipation and seamless changes. It offers four ranges with seven gears, with semi-overlaps ideally designed for maximising in field and on-road performance.

Operating fully automatically or manually using buttons on the MultiPad or Power Control lever, it’s also possible to adjust how aggressively and quickly fully automatic changes are made to match work and conditions.

Gears change seamlessly, smoothly, and efficiently, with only a nine percent gear ratio difference between each speed in fieldwork applications from 5km/hr to 20km/hr.

To further improve fuel efficiency, cut noise, and improve comfort, top speeds are achieved at very low engine rpm: 50km/hr (where permitted) are reached at 1500rpm while 40km/hr just need 1200rpm.

Alternatively, users can choose the new Dyna-7, semi powershift gearbox, which is the latest development of the renowned and reliable Dyna-6, with the same straightforward operation. This provides not only one extra powershift gear and smoother shifting but it’s also 10% more efficient than the Dyna-6 for the same engine horsepower in field application.

Dyna-7 offers easy and efficient operation of a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds in four ranges and seven seamless gears. This cost-effective transmission delivers smooth and intuitive operation in manual mode or can even be operated fully automatically.

For those requiring the comfort and control from CVT, the MF Dyna-VT will be available for the MF 8S Series in the future.

High performance and efficiency

A 3.05-metre wheelbase provides stability and improves traction when working with wide, demanding implements, offering up to nearly 10% more traction power.

Power is efficiently transferred to the ground through a new, immensely strong rear axle, with a choice of flanged, short, or long bar axles to suit all operations.

New wheel specifications now include the ability to fit up to 2.05-metre diameter rear tyres, including the brand-new option of VF650/75 R42 Trelleborg TM1000 PT.

The tractors retain the well-proven standard suspended front axle, offering a tight, 5.7-metre turning radius. It’s also equipped with suspension lock and with brakes for tractors fitted with all 50km/hr transmissions.

Three-point linkage capacity is increased by seven percent to 10,000kg and, with powerful new hydraulics, these tractors handle and operate large, wider implements. A 150-litre/min closed-centre, load-sensing hydraulic system is standard, providing 36% more flow compared with the previous system. A 205-litre/min flow is an option, which can also be supplied as an ECO version, generating the flow at 1650rpm (230 litres/min at max at rated engine speed). Up to five electronic rear spool valves can be specified.

All models come with a four-speed PTO as standard, providing a choice of 540, 540ECO, 1000 or 1000ECO, which means operators can always select the right speed for power or economy.

A new 4800kg capacity front linkage option, fully integrated into the tractor, comes with the option of an ISOBUS socket.

100% connected

Connectivity is standard on the MF 8S Series, which comes with MF Connect Telemetry including a three-year subscription license. This uses mobile data to transfer information to the MF Connect Cloud, providing easy access to useful management information on machines.

As well as logging the machine’s position and data, it can also send error messages and upcoming service requirement alerts to users and dealers (with permission).

This is fully integrated into the ‘MyMF’ customer portal where users can view and manage the information and data in real-time, remotely from any internet-enabled device (MyMF will be available soon in the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany and will follow later in other countries).

All MF 8S Series tractors can also be equipped with a full range of Sustainable Farming Technologies.

Heart of the system is the intuitive Datatronic 5, touchscreen terminal, this does not only manage the tractor functions, but it allows complete control of all ISOBUS compatible implements.

A new antenna rail, positioned at the front of the cab, enables easy mounting of a choice of GPS receivers up to RTK precision. For security and risk avoidance, the antenna is locked in place with a key as standard.

An optional Fieldstar 5 terminal can be used to manage all the MF Technologies, including MF Guide, while MF Section and Rate Control can now handle up to 36 sections and five products. It now also records the field boundaries and provides automatic field detection.

MF Task Doc and Task Doc Pro automatically record and wirelessly transfer the gathered information and data. This is a fast, easy, and secure way to create accurate documentation to help operators comply with regulations and store useful information.

MF Task Doc Pro will also create application plans and fully synchronises with farm management software. With NEXT Machine Management data can be simply and securely transferred wirelessly via the Agrirouter Cloud.

Best by design

The new MF 8S Series combines radical designs with a practical purpose. The striking ‘neo-retro’ design pays tribute to the brand’s heritage, illustrated by a new interpretation of the iconic MF grey sabre stripe on the side and horse headcollar motif on the bonnet, which dates back to the MF 100 series.

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