Profile: Cyclone Mower/Mulcher

When it comes to tackling the toughest jobs in agriculture and land management, the Cyclone Mower/Mulcher boasts an award-winning design and exceptional performance

The Cyclone Mower/Mulcher

A popular choice for farmers, contractors, and landowners, the range is prized for its outstanding durability, reliability, and efficiency, which make it a true powerhouse in the field, the manufacturer says.

The range is available in cutting widths from 2 to 5.6 metres and from three to eight rotors (each with four blades) and with horsepower ratings from 50 to 150hp.

Major Equipment is a renowned manufacturer based in Ireland, specialising in the production of high-quality agricultural machinery. With a focus on innovation, durability, and exceptional performance, Major Equipment has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

The Major Equipment range of mowers, toppers, and mulchers all run a direct drive system through gearboxes, eliminating the need for belts. This design choice enhances reliability and ensures consistent blade tip speed, resulting in a superior cut finish.  

The Cyclone Mower/Mulcher’s versatility makes it suitable for various applications

In addition to its robust construction, the Cyclone Mower/Mulcher’s versatility makes it suitable for various applications, from traditional pasture topping to clearing crop stubble, as well as controlling encroaching scrub and woody vegetation in sensitive areas.

The machine’s ability to eliminate the overwintering of corn borer larvae through post-harvest shredding demonstrates its effectiveness in promoting crop health and reducing pest populations.

Traditional mowers relying on belts often experience slipping and uneven cuts.

In contrast, the Cyclone’s direct drive system offers enhanced durability, quick and cost-effective repairs with shear bolts, and consistent blade speed regardless of conditions or obstacles. The absence of belts increases longevity by reducing the need for replacements and minimizing wear and tear.

“We’re regularly asked if we have issues with gearboxes if something large is hit but with the shear bolt protection and the robust, heavy-duty gearbox quality, having issues with the gearboxes and driveline are very rare,” says AgriQuip general manager Andre Capper.

One standout feature of the Cyclone Mower/Mulcher is its patented ‘blender’ double-chop blade system. This innovative design not only ensures maximum mulching and shredding capabilities but also requires 25% less horsepower compared to a traditional flail mower.

This reduction in power consumption translates to significant upfront fuel cost savings of at least 25%.

In Bay of Plenty, Tom Grant, of Grant Farms Ltd, says the Cyclone mower ideally suits his operation’s agricultural and earthmoving operations.

“We’ve done agricultural and earthmoving contracting for the last

The range is available in cutting widths from 2 to 5.6m and from 3 to 8 rotors

37 years. We’re managing an area of 400 hectares in various states of pasture, from rough stuff to good stuff. We plan on making rough stuff into good stuff.

“Before we’d generally just do land clearance with a bulldozer — bulldoze it
all into a pile and bury it.”

Land management techniques are changing to reduce the impact on surrounding environments. Bulldozing takes lots of time and resources, something farmers and contractors increasingly lack, Grant says.

“We’re doing land clearing mulching: it leaves the root system there and it’s eco-friendly.”

“The Major Cyclone can knock it down and keep pastures in order, and it can chop pretty massive stuff. Prior to that, we would get in a bulldozer with a root rake and just root rake it all.”

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