Deutz-Fahr 6160 C Shift video review

Our Aussie tester reviews the Deutz-Fahr 6160 C Shift in this video.

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This latest version is powered by 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine and is Tier 4-compliant using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and AdBlue technology. There are six models in the 6 cylinder, 6 Series range starting with the 135hp (101kW) 6140 up to the 6210 that has a power output of 208hp (155kW).

The stand out feature is the C Shift, or Comfort Shift transmission. Out of all the features of a tractor that has evolved over the years it’s probably the transmission that has advanced the furthest.

From clunky old crash boxes we now have gearboxes that operate electronically, require no clutching and can shuttle between forward and reverse with a flick of a button.

The 6160 C is equipped with a ZF 7200 IRS, Intelligent Range Shift, transmission capable of reaching a maximum speed of 50km/h.

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Video: Tom Dickson

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