Across the ditch: Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 PS Evo2

The Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 PS Evo2 boasts fine lines and good looks, but make no mistake, it’s a true workhorse


Sometimes, it’s the first impressions that stay with us. Of course, we want to know everything about a machine: the specs, the power and durability, and functionality. However, do style and finesse come into the equation when we’re talking about a pure agricultural workhorse? In the case of the Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 PS Evo2, it’s undeniable. 

On first inspection, one is immediately drawn to the lines and good looks of this machine, and when we look a little closer, we find out why this telehandler is at the top of the food chain in its range for the end user. Designed in Montecchio Emilia, Italy, the machine is perhaps even slightly over-engineered, using extremely robust pivot points with a chassis boasting one-piece sheets down each side of the machine, giving it inherent strength and durability.

The telehander offers the versatility of an impressive forward reach and lift height

While some other machines offer a singular grease bank as standard, this is an optional extra on the 40.7, as Dieci has identified that many agriculturists don’t feel the need for the bank as an extra add-on, as most of the grease points are easily located for ease of maintenance. 

It’s possible on the machine to go one step further than that and option a fully electronic system whereby it’s set by timer and regulates the greasing system as required in use.

This workhorse is powered by a 93kW/125hp Kubota engine and has
a 7.06-metre maximum lift height with a load capacity of 4000kg.

It has an easy dumping rotation of 146 degrees, which is specially designed to increase the operating angle, particularly useful when dumping with the boom raised.

Dieci’s Agri Plus 40.7 PS Evo2 telehander’s maximum lift height exceeds 7m

The telescopic boom is supported by Dieci’s patented Single Compensation Cylinder, located inside the lifting ram, which ensures that the load on the boom is always balanced.

As far as steering modes are concerned, the machine is electronically set up for easy use from inside the cabin, with a four-in-one ergonomically designed joystick with integrated forward and reverse.

There’s an option of front steer only, but the operator can also choose crab steer so that all four wheels move in opposite directions to enable diagonal travel. When working near a wall or trying to stack into a shed in tight confines, there’s also an option for all wheels to move in the same direction so the whole machine crabs sideways. 

Inside the Agri Plus 40.7’s engine

Another important feature of note is the self-aligning system where the operator can press a button and as the wheel is turned, it will then tell the operator when the machine is in a straight-ahead position.The entirely electronically controlled, ecological, and high-performance Kubota engine, combined with the Evo2 transmission, transmits all the required power with reduced consumption to the Agri Plus 40.7 PS Evo 2. 

The other beautiful thing about not having a complicated engine or a canvas electronic system is there isn’t the need for a diagnostic tool to troubleshoot mechanical or hydraulic issues that may arise. 

Agricultural lug type tyres are fitted as standard

The machine will give the operator error codes on the dashboard for some of the common faults, enabling them to consult the operators’ book for those codes, so they can do exactly what’s needed to sort out the problem. 

With an extensive dealer network and technical support hotline, one can easily get help over the phone if needed.

Dieci’s Single Compensation Cylinder

The hydraulic pump on the Agri Plus 40.7 is a variable type of displacement pump for power steering and movements, which has a capacity of 180 litres per minute, with a maximum operating pressure of 25MPa (3626 psi), helping to maximise manoeuvrability in all applications.

The transmission on the Agri Plus is a torque converter with Power Shift Evo 2 shuttle with electric control, including inching with an electronic pedal for controlled forward movement. When it comes to the transmission, the gearbox boasts six forward gears and three reverse gears with electronic control.

Agricultural lug-type tyres are fitted as standard, with 460/70xR24 giving the machine a relatively low centre of gravity aiding in stability when lifting loads at height.

Interior design centres around operator comfort

Inside the cab of the Agri Plus, the design centres around comfort for the operator for extended periods of operation.

Soundproofing, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, electric windows, storage compartments, along with six air conditioning vents, and an ergonomic seat are just a few of the standard features inside the cab. 

The cab features soundproofing, adjustable steering wheel height and depth, and 6 air conditioning vents

Visibility from the cab is unparalleled in the Agri Plus with the design of the engine hatch being curved downwards toward the base, so the view is minimally obstructed on the working side of the machine.

Whether style and design are attributes favourable to the operator in an agricultural scenario is arguably up to the individual, but most surely, reliability, engineering and performance must be. 


The Dieci 40.7 PS Evo2 has both in spades. Italian flair mixed with a workhorse-like operating system designed for ease of use, comfort, and serious engineering surely places this telehandler a cut above the rest in the market.

Key features

  • Robust pivot points and 146-degree dumping rotation
  • Sleek lines and improved visibility from the cabin
  • Highly manoeuvrable, with PowerShift transmission and optional crab steering
  • Grease Bank and system available as an optional extra

Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 PS Evo2 Specifications



Hp/kW 125/93
Emission standards Tier 3
Max speed 40km/h
Weight 7700kg
Length 5.075m
Width 2.26m
(excluding mirrors)
Height 2.445m
Max lift height 7.06m
Max forward reach 3.9m
Max lift capacity 4000 kg
Ground clearance 36cm
pump type
Variable displacement pump for power steering and movements
Hydraulic pump capacity  180L/min
Transmission Torque converter with PowerShift Evo 2 shuttle with electric control
Tyres 400/70×24″ 
Options Crab steering, singular grease bank, automatic greasing system

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Photography: Lincoln Bertelli

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