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Good quality batteries should last 10 years or more, according to Gerard Anselmi of Recharge. However, he says, most don’t last the distance due to sulphation of lead plates. Sulphation is a major problem with lead-acid batteries and the less they’re used, the worse it is.

“All batteries sulphate and most die from  it. But the really sad thing is, you buy them with sulphation and they only get worse, until they die.”

Recharge Battery revitaliser and conditioner will dissolve those sulphur ions back into the electrolyte to hold the charge again, effectively re-aciding the battery.

“The battery regains its capacity and stops corrosion of lead plates,” says Anselmi, “and a lot of people in our Recharge Conditioning program are getting 10 years plus from their batteries by simply dosing them early, treating them every two to three years and keeping them charged. The key is treating them before the damage is done, so get in early.”

“Also, a lot of people ask if you can recondition sealed batteries. The answer is yes,” he assures.

Recharge is also great for deep-cycle batteries like forklifts, golf carts, scissor hoists and lighting batteries.

Recharge is available at Farmlands and Auto-One (North Island) and CRT Farmcentres (South Island). For more information email  gerard@recharge.net.nz, call 0800 36 33 36, visit recharge.net.nz or Recharge on Facebook.

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