EuroTier 2018 Innovations: Trioliet feeding robot

A newcomer to the world of robotic feeding at the recent EuroTier event held in Germany was Trioliet’s Triomatic WB 2-250, which travels on wheels instead of a rail

It uses battery power to travel, discharge feed and when pushing up the feed in the passage but docks onto a power rail in the feed kitchen to use mains electricity to charge and mix.


This gives the robot extra capacity and prolongs the lifespan of the batteries. With a capacity of 2.50 cubic metres the WB2-250 model has two augers, is 1.25m wide and needs a minimum 2.4m wide passage to discharge the feed in.

For navigation, the Triomatic WB 2-250 robot uses an antenna that follows an induction wire or transponders on the floor. This makes it possible to operate without any need for a rail, even between different sheds across a farmyard. The robot can be combined with all types of Triomatic feed kitchens that are already available. Depending on the route, this model can discharge up to 15 tonnes of feed per day.

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