Event: Matangi School Virtual Ag Day

IMG 8965 Katie McDermott (8) and her calf Puzzle IMG 8965
HughB1 Hugh Ballantyne (10) and his lambs JJ and Willow HughB1
HughB2 HughB2
IMG 7592 Ella with her father Craig Cameron preparing for the virtual ag day IMG 7592
IMG 7603 Ella Cameron (11) with her show entrant Dusty IMG 7603
IMG 7614 Ari Cameron (9) with Mallow IMG 7614
IMG 7617 Traditional Ag Day parade was a bit different this year IMG 7617
IMG 7626 Stevie Cameron (7) with Daisy IMG 7626
IMG 8434 Sophie McDermott (10) and her calf Neil IMG 8434
IMG 8437 IMG 8437
IMG 8961 IMG 8961
IMG 8968 IMG 8968

Rural schools are getting creative to help students showcase their Ag Day pets. Matangi School in the Waikato recently hosted a virtual Ag Day, continuing its long tradition of this iconic event.

Grandparent spectators watching the next generation carrying on Ag Day traditions

Ag Day events have a long and iconic history with rural schools, but sadly, numbers and events have dwindled in recent times largely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Waikato school Matangi Primary recently hosted a Virtual Ag Event, ensuring that students’ months of preparation work and animal handling weren’t all for nothing.

After ongoing lockdown restrictions spelled an end to the planned annual live event and meant the Ag Day on school grounds couldn’t go ahead, students were invited to submit a video of their Ag Day pet to showcase and celebrate the rearing and training.

Ari’s hat has grandfather Mark Robinson’s Ag Day Ribbons from Matangi School in 1965 and 1951

"The idea came about because we didn’t want all of the kids hard work to go uncelebrated," says school parent Tracey Cameron."The school was great and got behind the idea which we put together before all of the ag day pets got too big.

"Our calves will back to their home farm in Tirau now where they will eventually be part of the dairy herd there. It’s been a nice focus for the kids to have an animal to care for and spend time with among their homeschooling."

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