Factory-fitted trailer coupling offers baling and wrapping flexibility

Farmers and contractors can now choose to use their round baler and wrapper in combination or to use them separately, depending on their needs


The factory-fitted and EU-homologated drawbar on the Kuhn FB 3100 and VB 3100 models enables hitching inline machines. This exclusive Kuhn solution offers optimal flexibility while maintaining a high capacity.

When combining the baler with an RW 1810 self-loading wrapper, operators can even create a fully automated combination machine suited for a one-man operation.


“Whether you use a single baler for baling hay, straw, or silage in hilly conditions, or run different balers with one wrapper, or prefer to use a single wrapper for other wrapping jobs, anything is possible with the unique Kuhn trailer coupling solution. Switching between a single baler and a bale wrapper combination, even during the day, is fast and easy.

Benefit from the best of both worlds

Working with Kuhn round balers in combination with Kuhn wrappers means taking advantage of the best baling and wrapping solutions available in the market. VB 3100 series variable round balers produce well-formed, high-density bales in various crops in various bale sizes.


FB 3100 series fixed round balers are the ideal choice when baling in the most challenging conditions and offer the Kuhn Twin-reel film binding option.

Both baler types form an ironclad duo with an RW 1810, featuring the unique Intelliwrap and 3D-Wrapping technologies for perfectly wrapped and preserved bales.

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