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Farmlands’ job is to have the back of farmers and growers, working together with them to help make the most of on-farm profitability


In the farming industry, fencing contractors might not always be in the spotlight, but they’re incredibly vital.

These are the people who make sure fences are up to standard. But it’s more than that; they’re a big part of why farms all over New Zealand are thriving. Farmlands’ job is to have the back of farmers and growers, working together with them to help make the most of on-farm profitability. 

Part of this is making sure fencing contractors have what they need to do their job well. The work of fencing contractors contributes directly to the efficient and sustainable functioning of rural businesses. The work they do touches almost every aspect of farm life, from economic growth to environmental protection. By helping to ensure the responsible management of land, fencing contractors are part of shaping the agricultural sector’s success and, ultimately, the overall prosperity of New Zealand. 

So, for Farmlands, it’s not just about handing out products; it’s about making real connections between vital parts of the agricultural sector. Farmlands’ partnership with Fencing Contractors Association New Zealand (FCANZ) is a critical part of this. By offering access to a wide range of quality products and supplies, as well as to co-op’s strong buying power and
know-how, Farmlands helps contractors become more efficient and responsive. 


Farmlands are working with other groups, such as wood and steel merchants, to provide even more support to fencing experts, and giving contractors the chance to become Farmlands Card Partners, which can help to maintain a consistent cash flow. It’s not only about the financial benefits but also about being part of a network that contributes to the success of the entire farming sector. 

So, whether the work at hand is repairing existing fences, removing obstacles, taking on waterway fencing, or installing a brand-new fence, Farmlands can help contractors become the specialist go-to for everyone connected to the land.

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