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FCANZ, the industry body for fencing contractors, has finalised a career pathway and qualification structure for the rural sector of the fencing industry

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Made up of the NZQA Certificate in Fencing (Levels 3 and 4) and the Certified Fencer and Accredited Fencing Contractor endorsements, the qualifications provide expectations of quality standards for the industry and, therefore, surety for those who engage FCANZ-endorsed contractors.

“As a fencing industry body, the FCANZ mission is to increase the profile of fencing as a recognised profession and encourage a high level of workmanship through knowledge and standards. This career pathway and especially the Accredited Fencing Contractor endorsement go a long way to achieving this,” says FCANZ president Phil Cornelius.

“Fencing contractors come from all walks of life, with many joining the industry from primary industries, other trades, or by choosing to specialise in the fencing part of their current business. These qualifications and endorsements provide
a clear route to being an industry leader.”

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The pathway begins with the NZQA-recognised NZ Certificate in Fencing, delivered by NorthTec Te Pūkenga at both Level 3 and Level 4. Created in association with FCANZ, these courses are designed with the hands-on workers of the industry in mind, with qualifications gained through a combination of in-work, site visits, online, and block course learning.

Individuals who have achieved NZ Certificate in Fencing Level 4 can apply for the FCANZ Certified Fencer endorsement. This annually renewed endorsement is for those who can prove they have the ability to operate as a foreman supervising staff and overseeing the quality of rural fencing jobs.

The Accredited Fencing Contractor endorsement is available to more established businesses and is subject to stringent requirements and a renewal audit. Businesses that have achieved Accredited Fencing Contractor status have proven to the assessment panel that they model industry and business best practices in all facets of their company, including quality of workmanship, health and safety behaviours, and management of employees and sub-contractors.

The business principal must hold a NZ National Certificate in Fencing and cannot transfer the business accreditation should they sell their fencing business.

Clients who engage Accredited Fencing Contractors are using a business that undertakes ongoing professional development, agrees to abide by the FCANZ Code of Conduct, and has provided references for previous work that has been verified by the panel.

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“Property owners can have some peace of mind about work quality by hiring Certified Fencers and Accredited Fencing Contractors to do work on their property and it’s a brilliant selling point for those businesses who have done the work to achieve endorsement,” says Phil.

Information about the NZQA Level 3 and 4 Certificate in Fencing and the application forms for Certified Fencer and Accredited Fencing Contractor can be found on the FCANZ website.

To learn more about FCANZ, or become a member, visit fcanz.org.nz.

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