Business Profile: Tulloch Farm Machines

Business Profile: Tulloch Farm Machines Business Profile: Tulloch Farm Machines
Business Profile: Tulloch Farm Machines Business Profile: Tulloch Farm Machines

Farm Trader checks out Tulloch Farm Machines

The new EasyCollect 600-3 FP maize header from Krone is now available for its Foreign Product (FP) range from Tulloch Farm Machines. These headers can be adapted to John Deere, New Holland, and Claas forage harvesters. The header is a row independent six-metre tri-fold configuration.

The current EasyCollect 6000 FP maize header with its patented design has been popular due to its lightweight design of minimal moving/working parts and its unmatched ability to pick up downed crop. This is all due to the patented ‘Collector’ design developed by Krone in 1979. The Collector design also makes for low horsepower requirement and lower maintenance costs.

The new model, EasyCollect 600-3 FP, includes all these great features while introducing some additional new features, which will make it an even more desirable option.

The first key design feature of the EasyCollect 600-3 FP is that it is a tri-fold header, which increases driver visibility in transport mode and because of the compact package in the transport position, it offers greater ground clearance, and therefore, negotiating undulating terrain between paddocks is less of an issue.

The cleaner discs have become redundant due to an improved collector and knife design, which does not compromise the header performance. The removal of these discs and their related drives and gearboxes from the underside reduces weight. This offsets the increase in weight due to the new tri-fold construction. This change now allows a lower cutting height and a further reduction in maintenance costs. The EasyCollect 600-3 FP is also shorter giving less overhang therefore reducing axle loading.

Finally, the main benefit of the patented design is the way in which the header presents the crop to the feed rollers. The entire crop travels in an upright attitude all the way to the centre of the header where it is flicked forward as it enters the feeder housing, directing the crop butt first into the feed rollers that gives unmatched uniformity of the sample.

About Tulloch Farm Machines

Tulloch Farm Machines is a leading machinery distributor representing world-leading brands through a network of independently owned dealers reaching from Invercargill to Kaitaia. The New Zealand family-owned business also offers service for parts and technical assistance as well as one to one consultations and free demonstrations of all its machines.

Tulloch Farm Machines slogan is ‘Technology That Works’ and as such the Tulloch team are focused on making technology work better for the client by making sure that it is suited to the (sometimes difficult) New Zealand conditions.

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