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By: Mark Fouhy

Profile: Stockade Profile: Stockade
Profile: Stockade Profile: Stockade
Profile: Stockade Profile: Stockade

Farm Trader test two Stockade tools – the ST-315i batten stapler and ST-400i post stapler

When it comes to keeping on top of jobs around the farm, anything that saves time and effort is a major bonus.

Farm Trader's Mark Fouhy was delighted to test two Stockade tools – the ST-315i batten stapler and ST-400i post stapler.

Both were officially launched at last year's NZ National Agricultural Fieldays, following extensive testing with fencing contractors and farmers throughout the country.

Although dairy farms have less fencing wire than sheep and beef farms, they still
need maintaining.

The ST-400i post stapler is quick at replacing post staples, which have strangely gone missing over time. Depth of staples is easily adjusted with the included Allen key that undoes a single bolt.

Guides for 12.5 gauge and no8 wire are included. A new guide developed with Tru test is available for use with electric fence insulators and post staples and is effective.

Dairy cows are firm believers in the policy that the grass is always greener on the other side, so anywhere fences are not electrified, they do their best to get through, loosening/removing battens in the process. "The St-315i is great for tidying up these fences, faster than two people with hammers would be my opinion," Mark says.

"Reloading is about two seconds between shots, faster than you can line up the next wire. The magazine for the 315i holds 80 staples or three clips from the box. Staples are easily loaded similar to your office stapler, just on a larger scale.

"Two wire guides come with this model; standard or a 40-degree angle for alternating staples for greater grip on wires. There is a clip you can undo on the top if you happen to have a staple cause a jam up. I didn't have any jams so this is probably not going to be a major issue."

The Stockade ST-315i and 400i incorporate smart technology to allow for atmospheric conditions. To ensure each staple is driven to the desired amount, the standard shot from the ST-400i is 118 joules, kept constant through smart technology automatically altering for the likes of lower and higher altitudes. This impacts on the staples able to be driven on each gas fuel cell, with an estimated range of 500–700 shots/fuel cell for the 400i and 1100–1300 for the 315i. From the specs, battery run time should last around two fuel cells. That's quite a few staples if you were to hammer them in by hand.

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