Tractor Pull 2017 wrap up

By: Andrew Reymer

2017 has ended with a great year of Tractor Pull events, but never fear, there is more track action to look forward to in the new year

Well, it’s been another great steady year for the Central Tractor Pull club, which is really starting to hit its straps with a solid list of events and finals week at New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays®, which never disappoints.

Tractor -pull

There were six great tractor pull events this year for the Central Tractor Pull club: Fergus’s Fire up, Mamaku Vintage Day, Ohaupo Tractor Pull, New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays, Wally’s Sandpit, and Roto-o-rangi’s Rangi’s.

Some new and some traditional, it’s great the club’s sledge is up to them all, and so quick and easy to get around and set up. There is no transporter required, no instructions, or formulas to set the rules. If you can hook on a set of triple mowers, you can hook on the Central Tractor Pull sledge.


It has a great simple design that provides a safe workstation for the hook up operator, which is essential in any sport. We also welcomed a new modified to the area with Turf Cutter, Wally Sintons’ modified Fordson Major now a regular at events and joining Trevor TP Peters in the non-diesel modifieds.

The boys are keenly lining up for the Santa Parade in Cambridge this month to show what the modern version of ‘pulling the sled’ is all about. This will be a great wrap up for the team, as it will no doubt finish up with a few of the guys hooking up to the sledge somewhere and having a few pulls just to keep the practice up!

TP6---waiting -on -high -res -version

We head back up the hill next summer to the Mamakus for the Vintage Tractor Club’s annual Crank Up, where the Waikato Vintage Club will again join us for a day of great diesel entertainment and a few history lessons for the boys.

So cheers guys for the year, have a great and merry festive season, and we look forward to more track action in the new year, where contractors and farmers gather to let off some steam (and smoke) and celebrate our industry. No smoke, no poke.


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