Profile: Hustler's new X2 models

Hustler builds some of the world’s most productive livestock feeders. These two new models with 17 years of DNA injected into their design, are no exception.

Hustler is releasing two new chainless round and square bale feeders into the X2 feeder family. The new models aim to provide livestock farmers with more flexibility and more versatility. It is expected the two new X2 models will be game changers in terms of savings on both labour and feed costs.

Feeding -into -hay -racks

The new models will be available for delivery from Hustler’s global network of accredited dealers in the New Year. The Hustler Chainless X2000 is the work horse model for three-point hitch mounting, while the Hustler Chainless X2400 for both three-point hitch or loader mounting, offers the ultimate in versatility.

Both models utilise Hustler’s new X Series bale chamber design, which has proven to be a major breakthrough in being able to reliably feed any bale shape, size, density, chop length, forage type and moisture level without clogging, plugging or destroying the highly nutritional leaves. The new design allows farmers to feed livestock without entering the paddock, eliminating the need to open gates, and providing a safer working environment.

Chainless -X2400-Feeding -Round -balage -bales

"We’ve pushed the boundaries in versatility and labour savings to levels never experienced before," says Hustler’s Brent Currie.The feeders take the place of a conventional bale feeder, processor, unroller, trough feeder and a tub grinder in one ultra-compact self-loading machine.

"As one of our development testers, Dave Stephens, said to me recently, ‘I absolutely love the new feeder. My wife wanted to weld it to the tractor!’"

Huge -side -clearance -with -optional -extension -chute -gives -extra -reach -for -troughs ,-bunks -or -feedlots

The ultra-compact design has 50 percent higher discharge clearance, and 38 percent more discharge reach, ensuring the unit works as well in the field as it does in the shed. The optional wider side chute makes light work of feeding into bunks, hay racks, troughs and closer to the head bails in feedlots; eliminating the need for a pass with a forage pusher so stock can reach it.

Variable speed rotors give the operator control over processing and distribution for an even spread as bales unravel. The top rotor unravels and fluffs the hay, turning at three times the speed of the lower axial rotor which centralises the rotation of the bale, and the hydraulic platform controls the pressure applied to tease tight or soft bales apart.

Accurately -measuring -into -TMR,-eliminating -a -Tub -Grinder

The self-loading design has two parts; the headstock with loading spears and the feeding cradle. These can be disconnected from the comfort of your tractor seat.

The X2400 comes with Hustler’s no-hassle patented Snaplox auto connection system as well. This saves the operator from having to pull on a rope to disconnect the loading spears. An optional wireless control is available for loaders with a single hydraulic remote. 

About Hustler Equipment 

Feeding -square -straw -bales -over -fences

Hustler Equipment is a New Zealand family owned and operated company. Founded in 1961 by R H Currie, Hustler combines a love for machines with creativity, an understanding of farming, and a passion for discovering better ways to do everyday tasks; designing and building world-class equipment that rewards customers bottom-line and simplifies everyday life.

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