New Zealand innovation sees a new Hansa F3 Chaff Cutter

When Hansa was offered the opportunity to revive the chaff-cutter, they took it up to re-engineer it for the modern age

For a long time, Hansa Chippers has shared a close relationship with StreamLine Feed Systems. Founders Manfred Vogel (Hansa) and John Turner (StreamLine) shared ideas, collaborated, and even joined their Fieldays® sites together, back when both businesses were in their infancy.

Peter testing the prototype, model F3 chaff-cutter by Hansa

Hansa Chippers, now lead by Manfred’s son, Martin Vogel, continues to engineer specialist chipping and shredding equipment. However, the popular StreamLine chaff-cutters was discontinued when founder John Turner retired.

So when Hansa was offered the opportunity to revive the chaff-cutter, they took it up to re-engineer it for the modern age.

Peter Duding, who purchased the last of the StreamLine chaff-cutters two years ago, is now set to be the first to experience the Hansa remake.

The original chaff-cutter from StreamLine Feed Systems

As a family of equestrians, Peter has always used chaff. When his daughter Melanie shifted to Pukekawa, he would bring chaff up from his local supply in the Hawke’s Bay but decided to purchase the StreamLine chaff-cutter when that became impractical.

"There were Chinese ones on the market, but StreamLine were the only ones we knew being made in the country (New Zealand).

"For 50 years, I went to every Field Days in the country, and incidentally, we bought the very last StreamLine available."

The new F3 model can be used with or without attaching a collection bag

Now set to test the Hansa version, Peter will be comparing how the Hansa prototype performs compared to his original. His first impressions are optimistic.

"The Hansa F3 chaff-cutter prototype looks very good. I’ve known the Hansa brand from way back when they were selling their first chippers," Peter says.

"We will be feeding very rough lucerne hay (for testing). It’s supposed to be lucerne, but the last lot of lucerne that we got was not very good."


Hansa’s F3 prototype – produces a fine chaff during testing

Speaking with the team at Hansa, they are also looking forward to the testing results. "We are always looking for ways to improve user experience, and we apply the same philosophy to our re-designed chaff-cutter," engineering team leader, Mitchell Sanson, says.

"Peter’s feedback will help refine our product. It’s about listening to our customers to sharpen and ‘hansform’ our machines for the better." The F3 chaff-cutter is now available for pre-order.

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