Specialist cultivation and spreading machinery

Farm Trader offers a glimpse of what to expect from FarmChief's line-up of cultivation and spreading machinery at this year's Southern Field Day next week

Taking pride of place in the FarmChief line-up at the 2020 Southern Field Days are the FarmChief Falc GL3000 Strip Till, Envirospread Slurry Tankers, the Rotomax Slurry Reel System, and Express Plus 3000 Trailing Speed Discs c/w pre-ripper.

FarmChief Falc GL3000 Strip Till

Farmchief Falc Strip Till

Strip till is a growing conservation system that uses a minimum tillage principle. It combines the soil drying and warming benefits of conventional tillage with the soil-protecting advantages of no-till by disturbing only the portion of the soil that is to contain the seed row.

The Falc PTO Rotor Strip-till System creates a perfect seedbed for row crops in a single pass. The untilled strips help prevent erosion, compaction, and preserve moisture. Through optional fertilising, sub-soiling, chip hoeing, and seeding in one single pass, both time and money are saved while preserving a high-yielding soil structure.

Envirospread Slurry Tankers

Envirospread tanker

Both the 5000 and 18,000-litre models will be on-site a Waimumu.  High-spec and double galvanised for a long life and optimum performance in New Zealand’s (sometimes challenging) conditions, the Envirospread tankers range from 2500 to 20,000 litres, catering for all farm sizes and layouts. 

Oversize tyres contribute to low ground pressure, no scuffing, and less compaction. The sprung drawbar and axles give a better ride, with no thought of cracking. The Envirospread range is particularly popular for its exceptional manoeuvrability for handling gateways and tight spots, thanks to rear-wheel steer. The tank level indicator cuts down on guesswork and is useful when filling. There are also dribble bar and injector options.

Express Plus 3000 Trailing Speed Discs

The Express Plus 3000 Trailing Speed Discs with Pre-Ripper is most commonly used for primary and secondary cultivation. Customer feedback relays that the unit is particularly stand-out for performance after winter feed: for stubble incorporation and breaking-up compacted paddocks. With the ability to carry outwork twice as fast as conventional discs, partnered with the Express Ripper this creates a formidable combination.

The unique ‘optimum angle’ disc design gives greater precision and accuracy for cultivating while other features include greater protection for bearings, making sure everything works exactly as it should (no need to grease the tough SKF sealed bearings).

West Malestrom Muck Spreader

West Maelstrom muck spreader

On-site will be the West Malestrom 14 cubic metre Rear Discharge Muck Spreader. Built to a high capacity specification and capable of achieving a spread width of up to 12 metres (40ft), the Maelstrom West Rear Discharge Spreader units are particularly suitable for farmyard manure. With the optional hydraulic rear gate, it can also be used with poultry manure and semi-solids.

Veenhuis Rotomax Slurry Reel Systems

Veenhuis Rotomax slurry reel system

Poorer soils and wet conditions often make it difficult to apply slurry early in the season with slurry injector tanks. Where slurry tanks stop in these conditions, the drag hose system keeps going. Soil compaction slows down crop growth. Veenhuis drag hose systems feature a 12-metre operating width and the combination of this and low tyre pressure minimises soil compaction during injection to give your crops the best possible growing conditions. 

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