Profile: New Holland's new BigBaler 1290 High Density baler

BB 1290 HD Loopmaster 19 108 The New Holland Big Baler 1290 High Density has a heavy-duty frame and a new gearbox mounting design, placing it higher to ensure its durability BB 1290 HD Loopmaster 19 108
BB 1290 HD Loopmaster 19 243 BB 1290 HD Loopmaster 19 243
BB 1290 HD Loopmaster 19 341 BB 1290 HD Loopmaster 19 341

The new high-density square baler introduced by New Holland is built for maximum efficiency and productivity

New Holland says its new BigBaler 1290 High Density produces bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional models, making transport and bale handling more efficient. Behind this is the model’s 4.05-metre bale chamber, the longest in its segment, while its rotor speed is higher and its plunger force can reach as much as 58% more than BigBaler 1290 Plus models.

But the company’s product manager for fodder conservation in Australia, Sune Nielsen, adds some features will carry over from the earlier model, including its CropCutter cutting system and pre-compression chamber for high density baling.

"It is ideal for the professional baling contractor and large-scale farmer, who will enjoy the profitability benefits resulting from the higher productivity and lower total cost of ownership," he says.

Among the new features boasted by the High Density baler are New Holland’s new 2.35-metre Maxi-Sweep pick-up, which helps feed in the crop at higher rates, and its SmartShift gearbox, which won a Silver Medal at German trade fair Agritechnica.

The SmartShift driveline has a two-speed powershift start-up process, which automatically shifts from first to second gear when the baler is engaged at a tractor PTO speed of 850rpm, before accelerating to a maximum flywheel speed of 1440rpm at full tractor PTO speed. New Holland says this is a smoother start-up process, which protects the tractor and baler drivelines while delivering a 79% increase in torque. T

he High Density baler’s hydraulic axles and hydraulic suspension ensure perfect weight distribution across the four wheels, while its 1.4-metre diameter tyres help reduce soil compaction. The baler also has New Holland’s LoopMaster knotting technology that eliminates twine offcuts and increases tensile strength by introducing a loop-style second knot.

The new twine box fits 36 XL balls of twine, all of which can be connected simultaneously, and the box is designed to be compatible with future XXL balls of twine weighing up to 15kg. With all these features, New Holland says the baler is the most efficient large square baler in its segment.

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