New release: PowerSafe two-wheel tractors

two wheel tractor two wheel tractor
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Newly arrived in NZ, the Ferrari range of PowerSafe two-wheel tractors were set to showcase at National Agricultural Fieldays on the Norwood site

The two-wheel tractor range has a hydrostatic forward motion transmission that can be continuously adjusted with two-speed ranges.

With one lever only on the handlebar, the operator can vary the speed and direction of the machine. This means an unlimited amount of gears are available for all operating requirements.

Ideal for inter-row mowing in vineyards or orchards, as well as for soil working or greens maintenance with tight space restrictions, these versatile machines feature a hydraulic clutch, differential with lock, quick reverser, and quick hitches as optional for replace of attachme​​nts without requiring a wrench.

A safety feature worth noting is the immediate machine and attachment shutdown if the handle is released. However, the engine continues to run. All Ferrari two-wheel tractors PowerSafe are fitted with reversible handlebars to be used with both front and rear attachments.

Attachments include rotary hoe, ridger, plough, groundblaster, cutter bar, lawnmower and heavy-duty mower (for cutting and shredding on rough ground), BladeRunner, and RollerBlade (ideal for pruning residue).​

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