New release: Krone Comprima Plus

Comprima CF 155 XC Plus 1060057 Comprima CF 155 XC Plus 1060057
Comprima V 150 XC Plus 1060036 Comprima V 150 XC Plus 1060036

The Comprima Plus is the latest addition to the Krone range of round balers

The compactly built machine offers boosted performance, especially in terms of intake and wrapping technology. And when it comes to keeping the bales rolling out, automatic oil, and grease lubrication is standard specification on Comprima Plus, ensuring minimum service and maintenance.

Developed for professional and high-throughput applications, the machine has a camless pick-up with helical tines (sourced from the company’s forage wagons and round balers). The trademark of this pick-up is the patented arrangement of the tines, which are aligned in five wavy rows, ensuring a consistent and full-width flow to the rotor cutter for perfect cuts and reduced peak loads.

Applying controlled cuts, this XCut rotor cutter delivers precise and consistently high-quality cuts. The precision cutting system is available with 17 or 26 blades that cut to nominal 42mm and 64mm lengths and can be selected in groups of 17/8/9/0 and 26/13/13/0.

Bale roll is taken care of by the well-proven Novogrip belts and sturdier chains and sprockets, making for a clever combination of fabric belts and horizontal slats that provide effective bale roll and make Comprima Plus the perfect jack of all trades for any crop.

The variable chamber models now feature electric density control that allows operators to adjust the bale density from the comfort of the seat and respond rapidly and conveniently to varying crop materials.

The Comprima Plus range lines up four compact and robust models: the solo model Comprima F 155 XC Plus (with the well-proven semi variable chamber for 1.25–1.50m diameter bales) and Comprima V 150 XC Plus (variable chamber for 1.00m–1.50m bales) plus a combined baler wrapper version for each model. All Comprima Plus machines can either take film or net wrapping and a weighing system are​​ available for the CF and CV models.   ​

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