New John Deere 6M update brings big tractor features

John Deere's new 6M Series update is bringing big tractor features to the mid-size market


The new 6M tractors come with Autotrac guidance and JDLinkTM to provide technology previously only available in larger, higher specification machines

Well-known across the agriculture sector as a highly versatile and hard-working machine, the 6M transformation comes after extensive customer research and is the result of John Deere’s commitment to continual innovation to ensure primary producers have the tools they need to operate efficient and high-performing agribusinesses.

The tried-and-tested John Deere 6M cab model has undergone a significant makeover, bringing a suite of innovative new features in comfort, visibility, performance, and technology to the range while retaining the trusted traits that have made it one of the most popular pieces of equipment of its type on the market.

Three new models have been added for 2020 to include 90, 100, and 120 horsepower options that have been redesigned from the ground up, extending the full 6M offering from 90 to 195hp.

These models offer a new look and feel through the integration of a sloped-bonnet and shorter wheelbase, enhancing visibility and manoeuvrability, particularly with front-end loader applications.

The 6M tractor provides an ideal solution for high-value crops

They are also the most compact 6M tractors John Deere has ever offered. This brings the complete 6M offering to nine high-performance models, spanning four wheelbases. All engines, transmissions, and full-frame chassis are designed, manufactured, and tested by John Deere.

John Deere tactical segment marketing manager, Fraser Scott, says the updates will help ensure both optimum machine performance and operator comfort. "The 6M is one of our most popular machines and has a proven track record of delivering across widely varying work conditions and production systems.

We’ve already had a great response to the comprehensive updates, which are now on offer," he says. "The mid-sized tractor is a very important market within New Zealand, and these are the biggest changes that have been rolled out across the 6 Series in some time.

The rejuvenated and expanded 6M range comes with higher configurability

"Based on extensive customer input and feedback, we’ve not only enhanced the models with a range of new features but also made them highly-configurable by adding more options customers can choose from to customise the machine to their unique preferences and what best fits their operation.

"Because of their size, wide horsepower range, and versatility, 6M tractors are a first choice for many New Zealand primary producers, particularly in dairy, livestock, hay, and diversified agriculture operations, as well as for roadside mowing and property maintenance and other on-farm tasks.

"The unprecedented level of customisation now on offer and the expansion of the model range means we’re confident one of these high-performing mid-size tractors will suit most customer needs and specifications."

Technology and ease of use has never been better in the 6M Series

The upgrades have also brought some of John Deere’s most innovative thinking and technology to tractors in the mid-size category to help boost efficiency and productivity across a greater number of farming enterprises, regardless of size or nature of the business.

"We’re continually working with New Zealand farmers to help them reduce their costs of production by integrating intelligent but easy-to-use technology that can make savings across on-farm operations," Fraser says.

"We’re extremely excited to have integrated some of the technology that was previously only available in larger, higher specification machines to the 6M range to allow producers to now capture technology-driven gains in tractors of a smaller size."

More comfort and visibility

The new cab design with increased visibility and comfort

Operator comfort has been prioritised in the 6M cab update with an overhauled internal and external design bolstering visibility through more glass and an optional panoramic roof. The newly designed panoramic roof enables operators to be more accurate and more efficient, regardless of the job at hand.

The optional panorama roof enhances visibility

The updated 6M also boasts lower noise levels (70dbA) to reduce fatigue, while updated mechanical cab suspension aids in reducing vibrations to boost both comfort and productivity. Comfort may be further enhanced through the addition of optional front axle suspension.

The Corner Post Display

Greater visibility has been achieved by relocating the dash cluster from the steering column to a digital Corner Post Display which, when combined with the new compact CommandArmTM console placing controls on the arm of the seat, ensures best-practice ergonomics and a smooth operating experience.

The CommandArm has been designed with the operator in mind

The new Corner Post Display is intuitive in its design and increases forward-facing visibility and functionality. It shows important messages and warnings about essential tractor functions and is conveniently operated by the combination of a selection wheel and quick access keys on the right-hand console.

Optional electronic selective control valves (eSCVs) are available on the 6M for the first time, allowing operators to save time and effort when performing repetitive tasks. The loader joystick has been redesigned with an option to upgrade to an electronic version, which allows the operator to reconfigure the hitch control and up to three SCVs in addition to gear shifting.

The new PowerReverserTM button, located on the side of the loader joystick, gives operators the ability to change direction of travel without coming to a stop. "All of these features have been integrated to create an unprecedented 6M operator experience by optimising comfort and ease of use," Fraser says.

"There’s no doubt a long day in the cab can be hard work and we know shocks and vibration cause fatigue, so the enhanced visibility and reduced vibration and noise means the new 6M will help to keep operators alert."

More technology

 Improved lighting on the new 6M

The new 6M Tractor brings some of the most intelligent yet practical and user-friendly technology that John Deere has on offer to customers looking to capture the benefits of precision guidance, telematics, and other features usually found in larger or higher specification machines.

AutoTracTM provides hands-free steering that reliably directs the tractor from day to night and through dusty or hilly terrain. It prevents costly overlaps or gaps and enables every operator to work at peak performance.

"One of the simplest ways to reduce input costs and increase efficiency is to standardise the performance of the tractor, regardless of who is in control of the machine," Fraser says.
"AutoTrac is a great productivity-enhancing feature, particularly for customers using front-mounted and side-mowing equipment, that also helps to guard against any inconsistencies in operation."

Another key feature now available across the 6M line-up is JDLink Connect. JDLink is a telematics system that allows remote connectivity to equipment and facilitates wireless data exchange with the John Deere Operations Centre.

This technology has wide-reaching benefits, from remote diagnostics, service updates, maintenance alerts, and advice on machine settings to remote support for operators on how to achieve maximum value and performance from the precision agriculture technology embedded within their machine.

JDLink is further supported by John Deere Connected SupportTM, which provides remote assistance with set-up, performance optimisation, or troubleshooting to maximise uptime and productivity.

Fraser says the value and importance of technology that supported primary producers remotely and minimised interruptions to workflow had come into even clearer focus throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Although they are used to working remotely at the best of times, the required changes that have come from social distancing and other public safety measures have meant farmers, like millions of other businesses around the world, have needed to adapt to new ways of sourcing parts, equipment, and other essentials they need to stay operational," Fraser says.

"This has really shone a light on just how valuable and effective remote support measures are, and these tools are something we know producers will continue to utilise as we move back into normal operating conditions because of the great convenience and efficiency they bring."

More choice

The line-up has been expanded to include three new horsepower models

The updated range of 6M tractors gives customers an unprecedented ability to tailor their machine to their unique requirements and preferences. Available in a choice of engines and transmissions, plus tyre, suspension, and axle options, the line-up’s level of customisation allows operators to ensure they have the right tractor for the right job.

"We know that every operation is different and we want to provide the flexibility of options to allow customers to build a machine that truly meets their needs and complements the way they want to run their business," Fraser says.

"Already, we’ve seen a fantastic response to these upgrades, which, we firmly believe, build on one of John Deere’s most popular and high-performing tractors to make it even more comfortable, more versatile, and more efficient and ideal for use in an even greater variety of operations.

Versatile tractor to suit most applications

"We encourage anyone considering a mid-sized agricultural tractor purchase to contact their local John Deere dealer to arrange a demonstration and to talk through which 6M configuration will best suit their requirements."

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