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Farm Trader takes a closer look at Fiber Fresh an innovative NZ business, growing NZ crops to create a uniquely NZ range of all-natural forage feed products for horses and cows

Fiber Fresh ruminant territory manager Kelly Jackson with Fiber Fresh product

Proudly New Zealand-owned and grown, Fiber Fresh boasts a world-first trademarked process, which combines the power of lucerne into products with unrivalled levels of nutrients and energy.

With most of the crop nurtured and grown in Reporoa, the lucerne crop is carefully selected and cut at the perfect time to ensure that it goes through the proprietary controlled fermentation process within 36 hours. This careful timing gives Fiber Fresh products a nutrient retention of more than 90% of the original value from the paddock.

Lucerne growing at Fiber Fresh

"Producing our forage fields is an exact science," says Matthew Bell, general manager.

"We’ve invested millions into testing our products, to ensure we continue to deliver remedial, preventative and performance benefits for animals.

"Our rigorous testing also ensures our fermentation process presents our lucerne-based feed in the best possible nutritional state.

"The Fiber Fresh range of all-natural forage feed products specialise in catering to the equine and bovine markets, including popular brands such as FiberGain (a high-quality fibre/meal for sustained growth in calves). The products FiberProtect, FiberBoost, FiberEzy, and FiberMix have been a key component of equine diets locally and internationally for more than 30 years.

Waikato farmer Stewart McGregor watching his herd enjoying FiberGain

Getting calves onto the right kind of nutrient-dense natural fibre in the first week of their life helps to take calves from being totally milk-reliant animals to ones that can quickly thrive and develop to their full potential on pasture.

"Every day counts when it comes to getting calves off to a good start with the inclusion of FiberGain in their diet.

"Why? Because introducing quality digestible fibre early will encourage faster rumen and papillae development and allows calves to transition and develop on grass much faster."

Maximum rumen development occurs between four and 10 weeks and this is where fibre, such as that found in Fiber Fresh’s FiberGain, brings the maximum benefit. By feeding fibre during this time, the calf is following a natural path of development with an easily digested fibre that lays down gut health for the remainder of the animal’s life.

Fiber Fresh ruminant product, FiberGain

"The likes of straw or hay simply do not provide the same type of nutritional value and only serve to fill up the rumen, taking away valuable space for energy and protein-rich feeds essential for maximum calf growth.

"Better calf development will lead to better, more productive replacements. That means cost savings for the farmer, but just as importantly, it leads to better long-term results, especially in pasture-based systems, while calves will also better utilise solid feeds more rapidly."

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