Profile: FAE tractor mulchers

A range of Italian mulchers are proving popular in New Zealand. Farm Trader takes a closer look at the FAE brand.

The FAE SSL 225 Speed in action

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tractor mulcher that can handle large orchard prunings right up to 500mm diameter trees, then FAE have a machine that will suit your needs.

FAE Group is a world-renowned manufacturer headquartered in the town of Fondo in Northern Italy. For the past 30 years, the business has dedicated itself to the research and development of its extensive tractor mulcher range, producing market-leading shredding technology.

FAE mulchers are available for tractors ranging from 50 to 500hp, which means there’s a suitable model available for fruit producers right up to land clearing contractors who want to clear large areas in the shortest possible time.

"Over the past 30 years, FAE have been at the forefront of developing new ideas, especially with their teeth design and many other unique features," says Ray Copland from Active VMA, the national distributor of FAE in New Zealand.

FAE are renowned worldwide for their shredding technology innovation and are always coming out with more advanced ways of making sure that farmers, growers, and contractors get the full potential out of their mulchers.

The Patrazio tractor fixed tooth mulcher

Recently, FAE launched the tractor fixed tooth mulcher called the Patrazio, which is aimed at horticultural growers with tractors ranging from 50 to 100hp with a working width of 1.5 to 2 metres. The Patrizio features FAE Bite Limiter rotor technology (fitted as standard), which helps feed material into the rotor and prevents the rotor from stalling and reversible E-blades, generate a superior finish of mulched material.

"Another key feature of the Patrazio is the low-mounted central gearbox, which makes this machine ideal for orchard tractors that have low-mounted PTO drive. This results in the drive shaft running parallel, thus greatly reducing stress on the driveline. We see this machine being ideally suited for the ever-demanding conditions on New Zealand orchards," says Ray.

"We’re now starting to see more of a shift towards fixed tooth mulchers. Customers are now telling us that the overall running costs have dramatically reduced compared to running standard flail’s and also the horsepower requirement is lower, resulting in less fuel consumption per hour," explains Ray.

"People’s perception of fixed tooth is that they are more expensive to run, which is not the case. Fixed tooth machines tend to give a finer mulch making them an ideal machine for clearing large blocks of scrub and tending land which has been recently de-forested."

Active VMA is a Rotorua-based engineering business that specialises in roading, forestry, agricultural, and construction equipment. If you’re looking for a tractor forestry mulcher with a world-renowned reputation for being market-leading innovators, then have a good look at the FAE range with their unique design features.

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