Farm advice: Need an extra pair of hands on farm?

By: Jules Benton, Dairy Women’s Network CEO , Photography by: Paul Sutherland Photography & Supplied by Lely

Dairy Women's Network has put together a wealth of information around looking after your people and creating a great team culture

The Dairy Women's Network Technology Expo will explore a combination of software and robotics to help streamline your business

People are at the core of farming businesses and the heart of our industry and so is technology.

Our time is precious and now is when you can look at how your business is operating and take this opportunity to invest in what matters most to you, your people, business, and industry. Robotics, automated tasks, and the right agritech ecosystem can make a huge difference to your farming business.

Of course, making your farm a great place to work, attracting great people, and giving your team opportunities to grow is the main way to ensure you’ve got a smoothly-operating business with a full and engaged team, and the work-life balance we all need. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to register for our Make Time for Your People webinars on employment agreements, rosters, and creating a great team culture. We will also be hosting these workshops in six locations so keep an eye out on our website.

The Lely Astronaut system provides farmers with more flexibility and time to invest in other areas of the farm

Lely, our newest DWN Network Partner, and their automated milking and feeding arms allows farmers to select the right type of feed for each group and then leave the robotic system to do the repetitive jobs such as calculating volume, weighing, and distributing.

Figured and farm reporting software Trev launched a new integration earlier this year that carries your stock numbers from one platform to another. Figured also works with Xero to save time reconciling your farm business financials and combining that with the use of ASB and PaySauce products provides an ecosystem of smart technology for your farming business.

DWN is taking a deeper look at how agritech can benefit farms at a technology expo in October. We invite anyone around the Waikato who’s involved in the running of a farm business to join us for a two-day exploration into how agritech and robotics can streamline farming business from your office to the paddock. Allow yourself to come along and learn about current and future technology for your farming business. Registrations are open at

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