New Release: SlurryKat

By: Chris McCullough

The innovations continue rolling out with Ireland-based SlurryKat launching a new 15m Premium Plus Duo dribble bar in its vertical folding range.

The new 15m Premium Plus Duo dribble bar is the largest one in the company’s vertical folding range to date

SlurryKat in Northern Ireland has launched a new 15-metre Premium Plus Duo dribble bar, the largest one in the company’s vertical folding range to date.

As demand from customers over the past two years for a larger 15-metre dribble bar was increasing, SlurryKat took the decision to up the ante and develop exactly what they wanted.

The transport height of the new 15-metre dribble bar is 3.2 metres, the same as the
7.5-metre version, which is a key example of how engineering and innovation keep SlurryKat one step ahead.

The booms on the new 15-metre machine are angled inwards, which means they can avoid any low-lying branches or trees when in transport mode. It’s the only 15-metre dribble bar on the market that can carry the SlurryKat Bak-Pak hose reeling system, which runs 1200 metres of hose for umbilical use.

The booms boast a novel tri-folding design so the outer booms can fold round followed by the inner booms. The machine then lifts vertically into the transport position. Looking
at the performance of the new 15-metre Premium Plus Duo dribble bar, the prototypes and the first full production machines operate
a respectable flow rate of up to 300 cubic metres per hour, around 60,000 gallons
per hour.

"This is generation three of our Duo dribble bars, which follow on from the huge success of the 7.5-metre to 12-metre Duo dribble bar range, which we brought to the market in late 2020. That followed the first and very popular Duo range that we first introduced in 2008," SlurryKat CEO Garth Cairns says.

"Duo means the dribble bar has dual purpose use. It can be used on an umbilical system, or it can be mounted on the back of a tanker for direct spreading. This system really suits contractors who use both types of machines."

Controlling the new 15-metre dribble bar is easily carried out by load-sensing hydraulics, which is standard on the 15-metre machine.
As soon as the operator pushes the button in the tractor cab, the oil travels to the machine and it does the rest. Basically, this means oil is only pumped on demand when the machine needs it.

SlurryKat is also pleased to be able to offer full ISOBUS control on the machine via the terminal in the cab as an optional extra.

SlurryKat uses only the best S335 steel to manufacture its equipment, therefore ensuring a superior build quality.

"Using this high-quality steel allows us to maintain not only the strength in the machine but also to reduce the overall weight," says Garth. "Heavier machines mean the tractors use more diesel to operate them, and with the cost of diesel as it is today, the lighter the machine, the better.

"Heavier machines also mean more ground compaction and that’s what we’re trying to avoid. Our machines are some of the lightest you can get on the market and the strongest."

By using clever design and engineering, together with top-quality steel, the new SlurryKat 15-metre dribble bar is actually lighter in weight than the previous generation 12-metre model.

Every inch of the new 15-metre dribble bar is fully galvanised except for the drag hole line that’s stainless steel.

A flow meter can also be added to the dribble bar to give precise user rates of application, and overall, the machine is

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