Fencing feature: Fencequip

Fencequip's latest post driver models are proving to be a hit among rural NZ businesses

The Fencequip HD Telescopic

Fencequip is a well-respected New Zealand brand, specialising in post drivers and dedicated to both high performance and high quality. Proudly 100% Kiwi-owned and operated, the range of Fencequip post drivers, side mount, and Hardox augers are designed to be able to withstand the toughest conditions and to deliver to operators looking for long-lasting and versatile equipment.

Heavy-duty Telescopic Post Driver

Fencequip were approached a number of times to build a strong durable telescopic mast that could work in the harshest of conditions. So, they set about designing and building a telescopic post driver that was compatible with their heavy-duty rock spike, High Country guides, and high torque drills.

The finished product has a mast that extends from 3.8 to five metres high, allowing the user to thump a strainer to 1200mm high without lowering the mast, giving the user the most hit possible.

The telescopic mast has adjustable and replaceable lubricated nylon slides, allowing the user to keep the mast adjusted and tight at all times and helping keep the machine ultra-steady when rock spiking.

The range of Hardox augers are designed to be able to withstand the toughest conditions

The rock spike and auger on the heavy-duty telescopic has an independent ram, allowing the user to rock spike or drill with the mast at any height, making it perfect for fencing under powerlines and trees.

Fencequip is confident that this is their strongest mast yet, which is mostly down to the mast material being made out of ultra-high tensile Hardox and high-tensile Strenx Steel that’s made in Sweden.  

The Fencequip HD Telescopic has the option of 280kg, 300kg, 320kg, and 350kg block sizes.

Super Heavy-Duty Post Driver

Another relatively new model to join the Fencequip family is the Super Heavy-Duty Post Driver – the only post driver made in New Zealand that has the option of 400kg or 500kg block.

The hinged mast sits at 5.15 metres and has a 13mm wire rope. The SHD rock spike unit and SHD auger unit have 1550mm of stoke/depth.

This machine has been specifically designed and built for horticulture development and extremely hard ground.

Dozer Lifter

Lately, Fencequip has set up a number of bulldozer units, which include a dozer lifter/post driver combination. These machines are made specifically for bulldozers with enough angle and movement for steep conditions. They are equipped with one metre of mast shift, 350mm of rear shift, and 1400mm of vertical lift.

When building a post driver for any type of tracked machine, weight distribution is key.

With the dozer combo, the machine has so much movement and ability that the user can adjust the Post Driver to reposition the weight – left, right, forwards, or backwards, depending on whether the user is working on a side lean or steep up or down.


Despite high freight costs for exporting, international demand for Fencequip remains strong, with machines on their way to the UK and also Vanuatu. Fencquip is also proud to announce that Bushpig Equipment is its official UK dealer for its Hardox augers.

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