Special feature: Fendt 700 Vario

The latest models in the Fendt 700 Vario range come with the new FendtOne driver’s workstation and customisable interface


The Fendt 700 Vario has been one of the most popular tractor series for years. Its combination of strength, agility, and comfort make it a reliable tool in a range of farming and contracting businesses, and it continues to make advances in tractor technology and operator convenience.

Now the latest models in the Fendt 700 Vario range come with the new FendtOne driver’s workstation and customisable interface, plus, a range of modifications that improve front-end loader work.

Power ratings in the Fendt 700 range go from the 144hp 714 Vario up to the 237hp 724 Vario.

All versions have a versatile, compact design and heavy-duty six-cylinder, six-litre engine. This gives them the ability to take on a variety of jobs – from grass harvesting to tillage, transport, and front-end loader work.

In a Fendt 700 Vario, the engine and transmission are perfectly in tune for high efficiency. The Vario gearbox provides a stepless drive from 0.02kph to a top speed of 50kph.

The Tractor Management System (TMS) further boosts fuel efficiency. TMS controls the engine and transmission so that they are always working at their economical best; you just have to set the speed.

New model 700 Varios have plenty of advanced features

New model 700 Varios have plenty of advanced features, including the Fendt TI headland management system and Fendt SectionControl, which can save up to 15% in inputs by avoiding unwanted overlaps.

SectionControl provides automated section control for ISOBUS implements.

It supports up to 36 partial widths. The control screen automatically appears in the terminal when you connect the ISOBUS plug to the socket. All you need to do is flip a switch to start.

Operators can also configure their Fendt 700 Vario with a guidance system to suit their needs. Factory-fit options are either a Trimble or NovAtel satellite receiver. Depending on the type of work done, correction signals are available with different accuracy levels

Fendt 3-in-1

Fendt’s 3-in-1 system guarantees maximum ride comfort and ease of use.

The elements in the system are self-levelling lockable front axle suspension, mechanical cab suspension, and active shock load stabilising.

Front axle suspension provides consistent comfort no matter what attachment is being used or what load is being carried. Position sensors control the level, which eliminates power hopping and increases tractive force on the front axle.

Anyone ordering a new Fendt 700 Vario has the choice of two cab suspension systems. One is pneumatic with a cone bearing at the front and pneumatic cab suspension at the rear.

The other is a four-bearing cab with a three-point pneumatic cab suspension (a central swing arm at the front and two rear compressed air struts).

Fendt 700 Varios have powerful lift capacity at both the front and rear and active shock load stabilising ensures driving comfort even with heavy attachments.

Various options are available for the front arms, from a comfort ballast holder to comfort power lift with double-acting cylinders, position control, and load relief. With load relief, operators can work with their implements for longer and a position sensor detects bumps in the ground.

The new FendtOne driver’s workstation makes work more efficient for the operator

Fendt Cargo

For more efficient front loader work with the 700 Vario, purchasers can specify the Fendt Cargo front loader. The Cargo has Z-kinematics, which keeps the implement in the same position over the entire lifting height.

Fendt has designed the Cargo to suit the 700 Vario. This means all maintenance work can be performed while the front loader is mounted, and the Cargo’s controls are perfectly integrated into the tractor. The loader can be operated using a crossgate lever or the 3L joystick. For more efficient operation of the loader, the VisioPlus cab and the slim, low hood give an unobstructed view of 77 degrees. The windscreen on the cab curves up into the roof for a clear view over the raised front loader.

With a third valve for Fendt Cargo front loaders, up to three functions can run at the same time. This helps when using a round baler forklift, for example: lower the front loader, extend the bale forks, and open them at the same time.

The CargoProfi version delivers additional features, thanks to its tilt sensors and integrated weigh scales. Use the CargoProfi to record loads as a unit or total weight, which can be viewed on the terminal in the cab.

There’s also a vibrating function to shake off all the solid material from the bucket. Also, the operator can store lifting height and tilt angle for particular jobs so they can be easily reset when doing the same job later.


The new FendtOne driver’s workstation makes life easier and work more efficient for the operator. It provides the ability to customise the functions and plenty of ergonomic features to provide safer, more comfortable hours in the cab.

For the first time, the new FendtOne platform merges the tractor and the office into one control unit. The same screen in the driver’s cab can be viewed as on the office computer or mobile device.

This allows for scheduling field operations and orders on the office computer or smart device and sending to the tractor.

With FendtOne, controls all are in one place; there’s no need to reach between the cockpit, armrest, and roof liner. An easy-to-use menu structure in the terminal makes it easy to find the task or information needed.

The new workstation provides the ability to customise the functions

The various function groups are colour-coded. For example, orange controls cover the drivetrain and gear functions, and blue ones cover hydraulics and power lifting functions.

FendtOne’s new multifunction joystick has more buttons that can be assigned a variety of tasks, including ISOBUS. Additional programmable buttons are on the armrest.

With its ergonomic shape and position on the armrest, the joystick can be held in a relaxed position all day. It has all the familiar elements, including two auxiliary control units and headland management.

As well as a 12-inch terminal on the armrest and another 12-inch roof terminal, FendtOne delivers a large 10-inch digital dashboard screen. The dashboard screen provides road data and information about the tractor’s performance.

A crossgate lever or 3L joystick can be used to control the third and fourth hydraulic control units and the front loader, depending on the configuration.

Operators can use the 3L joystick to control a Fendt front loader that has a third valve or carry out three different functions at once. With the additional reverse drive button, changing direction is a smooth and comfortable experience.  

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