Special feature: Hustler Loadmax tip trailers

Hustler recently announced the release of its brand-new models of farming and agriculture tip trailers.

The new Hustler LoadMax has been completely redesigned from the older model

Hustler recently announced the release of its brand-new models of farming and agriculture tip trailers. Named LoadMax, this new range of tip trailers is already available in eight- and 10-tonne models, to be soon followed by a 12-tonne model.

"The new Hustler LoadMax has been completely redesigned from the older model, and the year-long process to develop the new design was based on a collection of user feedback and includes significant innovative improvements," says Nev Ward, Hustler senior designer.

Tougher chassis and axle

The chassis and the axle have been overbuilt when compared to similar or previous models. For instance, the LoadMax TX110 (10-tonne capacity model) is more comparable to the 12-tonne capacity models of other brands when it comes to chassis and axle strength, deck sizing, material thickness, section size, and lift power redundancy.

The sides and tailgate have been reinforced and the longer-lasting steel deck is now thicker. The axles system has one of the largest pivot surface areas in the industry. A twist-resistant structure prevents roll-over when tipping. With Hustler Armacote powder finish, LoadMax is built for a longer, hassle-free lifespan and great resale value.

High-quality materials for improved durability

A new multi-stage cylinder minimises the oil capacity requirement and provides a generous redundancy in lifting power. The cylinders are using chrome shafts for longevity and reduced maintenance.

Hydraulic tailgate release and dual-hinged opening

A welcome addition is the inclusion of a hydraulic tailgate release as standard equipment. The release of the tailgate is controlled from the cab, which offers extra safety when travelling on open road or rough/bumpy terrain. The tailgate comes now dual-hinged for typical emptying and spreading or can side-folding for logs, rocks, hay bales, or machinery transport.

LoadMax offers a steep 58-degree tipping angle

Hassle-free removable sides

While the previous Hustler tip trailer models had removable sides, the new LoadMax is on another level. The sides are made of two pieces with a centre post for added strength and lifting eyes that make the sides easy to handle. Thanks to a unique design, the headboard can also be folded flat and is load-bearing so you can carry more bales.

Safety and user-friendly maintenance additions

LoadMax has been well thought through to maximise operator safety and its ease of use. The tip trailer now includes (as standard) a built-in folding safety bar for maintenance. Central greasing comes also standard.

More tipping angle

LoadMax offers a steep 58-degree tipping angle. The centre-mounted vertical pushing ram provides more pushing power and less stress on the components. The ram is also protected by the chassis for durability.

Unique convenience features

LoadMax embarks two massive built-in toolboxes located on both sides of the chassis. The top of the sides is also angled not only giving more strength but also preventing dirt from building up and dropping off, creating an unnecessary mess on the road. A quick-lift, sturdy, two-speed jack and forged towing eyes leave no stones unturned in the LoadMax design.

From the folding, load-bearing headboard, two-piece folding and removable sides with centre and corner posts, two-way swinging tailgate, massive toolboxes, and the largest deck size in its class, LoadMax is designed to be ultra-versatile and can transport dirt, rocks, manure, bales, big bags, logs, pipes, and more.

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