New release: Kuhn ration management systems

Kuhn has increased the ration programming and feed management capabilities across its diet feeder range with the launch of a new package of customised weighing


Following a collaboration with the specialist Italian manufacturer Dinamica Generale, Kuhn now offers highly intuitive programmable weighing as standard on all machines.

In addition, the company offers the option of either a secondary display or a remote-control facility, available through pre-loaded ‘apps’ on a smartphone or tablet.

For full ration tracking and management, there’s now a cloud-based data transfer function that provides a comprehensive package of monitoring and reporting options, controlled from a personal computer and with the potential to interface with other farm management software.

The DG600 terminal is now a standard inclusion on all Kuhn Profile and Euromix trailed diet feeders. Proven in the most extreme cold and hot temperature environments, this base box is designed to be robust and resilient.

Kuhn has increased the ration programming and feed management capabilities on all its trailed diet feeders

The advanced monitor has twin screens, the first to show weights and a second that serves as a virtual keypad that allows ingredient names and quantities to be shown simultaneously. The DG600 has scrollable menus that make choosing and inputting data faster and easier. It has the capacity to store up to 99 mixes, with each having up to 24 ingredients, and up to 48 feed batches at any one time but can be used as a simple weighing display if required.

If a secondary monitor is required for use in the loader cab, Kuhn offers the Datamix View ‘app’, which is available pre-loaded onto a rugged smartphone or tablet. This connects to the DG600 by Wi-Fi, within a range of 90 metres. For remote programming, Kuhn offers the alternative of the Datamix Control ‘app’; in this case, the DG600 becomes the secondary display with programming only possible through the smartphone or tablet. This solution offers the potential to access historic information and download or share a PDF. In the case of both the Datamix View and Datamix Control ‘apps’, the software is preloaded onto the devices, which are included in the option package, and there are no annual subscriptions to be paid.

For more extensive ration management, Kuhn offers DTM data transfer software
for use with the DG600 or DG8000 systems. This cloud-based facility allows data transfer through a 3G modem or via a flash drive and provides a wide range of ration programming, monitoring, and reporting functions. Operating with the DG8000 base system, DTM data transfer can be integrated with many of the leading herd management programmes. This allows dietary information to be combined with herd health data, for example, to enable optimisation of the ration and tracking of any variations in herd performance.  

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