Hay & Silage: Rata bale clamps

The Rata Bale Clamp is proving to be a popular choice for farmers and contractors around NZ


With an opening width of 2.1 metres and a lift capacity of 2100kg, it’s no surprise that the Rata Bale Clamp is proving a most popular choice for farmers and contractors around New Zealand.

Backed by the reputation of a well-established and respected Kiwi brand, the Rata Bale Clamps are ideal for moving, stacking, and transporting bales.

The design allows one or two bales to be lifted at once without damaging the wrap. Adding to its already heavy-duty and durable design is a greaseable equaliser bar for superior handling – no more swaying around the paddock, creating high-pressure points on the bale, and putting up with a risk of rips or tears.

Key features of Rata Bale Clamps

Narrow arm profile

Tight bale stacking is a requirement on many farms during harvest when bales are being transported off the paddock. Tighter bale stacking can mean more bales are transported at one time, as well as helping create a more secure truckload, contributing to overall farm efficiency. The Rata Bale Clamp is shaped in such a way that the overall hand width remains a minimum to stack bales tight and get between tightly stacked bales with no wrap damage.

The Rata Bale Clamp is proving a most popular choice for farmers and contractors around NZ

Equaliser bar (removable) included as standard

This keeps the arms synchronised in movement to prevent strain on the wrap or loosening of grip while transporting. It’s important that the hands of a bale handler move in sync with each other to ensure even movement and prevent independent hand movement. Not only does this offer greater control but it also helps to maintain maximum handling pressure during transport. If handling pressure is compromised by independent hand movement, it can lead to loss of grip on the bale and result in damage.

Unique contour of the Bale Clamp hands

This design feature allows the hands to effortlessly handle both round and square bales

Vertical nudge bars accommodate the contour and shape of any bale 

This helps prevent the damage of bale wrap against back plates or horizontal bars, as found on inferior types of clamps.

Heavy-duty build

Featuring large high tensile pivot pins and heavy-duty pipe arms ensure a lifetime of reliable service.

Bale wrap support

Rata’s large 60mm diameter pipe hands offer maximum support, ensuring enough surface area of the bale handler is in contact with the bale wrap to carry heavy bales without stretching and weakening the wrap.

The Rata Bale Clamps are ideal for moving, stacking, and transporting bales

The experienced Rata team is happy to assist in choosing the right bale handler to help individual operations become more productive.One thing you don’t want with a wrapped bale of silage is to break the airtight seal with a spike. That’s where you need a bale grab. These grip the bale’s exterior with firm but gentle pressure, allowing easy handling with no wrap damage, thus preserving the quality of the feed inside.

Handling and moving unwrapped bales of hay or straw is a lot easier as you can simply "spike and carry". Rata offers bale forks that are suited to any size bale and fit almost any tractor’s front-end loader or material handler. The optional adjustable high back allows the operator to carry two bales at once.

Using the right tool for the job is the key to a safe and efficient farming operation. Talk to a local Rata dealer about which bale handler, grab, fork, or combination is the best for you and will enable you to make the most of your valuable forage and hay harvest.

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