Profile: FarmShop's trip to SaMASZ

Two FarmShop lead mechanics were picked up in Warsaw and taken to the SaMASZ factory in East Poland near the Belarus Border

SaMASZ headquarters in Poland

Both Jeff Cole and Scott Teal say they were blown away by the sheer size of the factory, which produces 4000 plus machines per year and supplies 60-plus countries. They found the mindset of its workers to be positive, and the town was busy and progressive.

Pictured is the main factory. While SaMASZ was established in 1984, this factory is just five years old, and in that time, SaMASZ has seriously invested in automation. At 10 levels high, it’s an impressive building, with large test paddocks on either side for prototype machines and a forest behind them — all SaMASZ-owned.

The laser and plasma cutting machines are all automated, demonstrating their commitment to precision. Steel sheets arrive and go straight in for cutting. There is little downtime or wastage. Robotic welders do a fair chunk of the easier work, with plenty of manual welders completing the difficult pieces.

The SaMASZ robotic production line

There are dozens of manual two-aside welding bays, where every worker has their own welder, workbench, air supply, and extraction. Decades of talent and experience reside in these bays.

Once cut out, fabricated, and press welded, the mowers move to an area where the ‘backbone’ of the machine is completed. When the guys visited, it was the end of their mowing season and SaMASZ were moving onto snow equipment — painted orange to differentiate.

All SaMASZ mower modules are made in-house and measured for accuracy. Each assembly line has its own bay with a dedicated worker. Staff rotate across the bays to become skilled in the full plant. The entire process is incredibly fast and efficient.

Once the mower bar has been assembled, it’s pressurised in a solution bath to ensure there are no imperfections, cracks, or leaks.

The shot blast 5-step painting system

Scott mentions the factory toolboxes: "enormous, automated racks with a control box, where the worker keys in the coordinates for a tool and a robot fetches the right drawer and delivers the tool to the worker, returning it when finished."

The paint system is impressive. After each component has been welded and sandblasted, they are dipped in about 12 different baths, mimicking the automotive industry to achieve full coverage. Next is a dedicated painting booth where each piece is robotically powder coated, with a person inspecting the effort and touching up any hard-to-reach areas. It’s an in-depth process that sets SaMASZ apart from its competitors.

Finally, an innovative hitch system ensures that every mower and its hydraulic functions are thoroughly checked. Crating and storage of the machines is a big area too – ready for export.

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