New innovation: KUHN Karl

The KUHN KARL Concept is an autonomous solution for independent fieldwork in crop production and offers a glimpse into the future of machinery

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The developmental concept offers new technical possibilities and working flexibility for farmers seeking to deal with recurring workforce issues.

An autonomous solution

An autonomous tracked vehicle with 175hp, KARL is designed to meet the demands of most farm sizes by offering flexibility in their fleets.

KARL carries out work without human intervention but is controlled and monitored by an operator. Once the plot has been delimited, the operator creates a work mission, places KARL in the plot, adjusts the work parameters, and starts the mission to run automatically.

An exciting concept still under development, KARL represents the future of agricultural machinery

Adding a second or even a third KARL vehicle can be carried out during the mission to increase work output, and this can be done from the system’s mobile application.

KARL technology

KARL has the technology to transmit information for proper work performance and adjusts its parameters according to differences in soil and vegetation. The first implements tested with the KARL Concept were power harrows for autonomous tillage. More implements with other applications will continue to be tested with the KARL Concept.

The result is a successful cultivation operation within an optimal working window, for example, the right tillage depth, adequate seed application rate, or even regular and fine shredding of residue.

The autonomous tracked vehicle can carry out work without human intervention but is controlled and monitored by an operator

Developmental testing shows KARL can detect malfunctions and deploy corrective actions independently.

Soil preservation is paramount

The KARL Concept has limited size and weight. The design allows for tracks of different sizes to limit ground pressure and thus minimise compaction to protect the soil — a farmer’s most precious resource. Less compaction means less runoff, improved soil life and preserved root development potential.

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