Hay & Silage: Fendt Katana 850

Fendt has expanded its Katana self-propelled forage harvester range with its new 850 model


The Fendt Katana 850 is equipped with an in-line six-cylinder engine from Liebherr. With a displacement of 18 litres, it has an output of 847hp.

The engine complies with the European Stage V emissions standard with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) without a diesel particulate filter or exhaust gas recirculation. This protects the engine and reduces the required cooling power and fuel consumption while meeting all standards.

If the full power of the forage harvester isn’t required, it can be operated in fuel-saving Eco Mode, when the usual running speed of the chopping cylinder is maintained at reduced engine speed. The design of the engine fitted to the Fendt Katana makes it possible to work fuel-efficiently, in both full-load and partial-load operation.

As an option, the Fendt Katana 850, like the Katana 650, has a reversible fan with a variable fan blade pitch technology fan.

The pitch of the individual fan blades can be adjusted as required, which means that the exact cooling capacity is always achieved. If the full cooling capacity is not required, the power saved at the fan is fed into the rest of the machine.

Optimal performance in large crops

When developing crop flow, the focus was on a uniform feed flow at high throughputs and, at the same time, minimal power requirements.

In addition, the Kemper 490 plus a header with a 12-row working width is available for the Fendt Katana. The header is suspended on the pendulum frame of the Fendt Katana 850 and allows for variations of up to 14 degrees.

The Fendt Katana 850 is equipped with an in-line six-cylinder engine from Liebherr

The six pre-compression rollers on the feed intake ensure optimum pre-compression of the forage. This ensures excellent chop quality and chop length consistency. Metal and stone detectors on the first pre-compression rollers prevent damage to the chopping cylinder.

In the rear area of the feed intake, the crop volume is recorded via a sensor.
With a diameter of 720mm, the Fendt Katana 850 has the largest chopping cylinder on the market. Optional chopping cylinders with 20, 28, or 40 knives are available for the forage harvester, which cover chop lengths of between 2.6 and 41.4mm.

Various cutting lengths

Fendt offers three different roller crackers with a diameter of 300mm. The standard R cracker with sawtooth profile is suitable for chop lengths of up to 20mm. The optional RS cracker with V spiral groove has been developed for optimal processing with longer chop lengths.

The speed difference of 30 or optionally 40% ensures thorough processing of the crop. This ensures that all the nutrients can be extracted from the crop when it’s used.

The revised discharge chute can be precisely controlled and centred. The crop is accurately blown into the trailer and losses during chopping are avoided. The loading height of up to 6.20 metres ensures targeted transfer of the crop, even with large trailers.

The Fendt Fill Control filling assistant is available as an option for the Fendt Katana 850. If the discharge chute swivels, the discharge flap is automatically controlled, and trailers are filled more evenly.

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