Fieldays 2024 report: LOVOL Tractors

Fieldays 2024 report: LOVOL Tractors

Designed to meet the needs of agricultural, lifestyle, and horticultural farmers, LOVOL tractors made their debut at Fieldays® 2024

Imported by nationwide distributor Metrade Limited, a New Zealand local company, LOVOL tractors are designed and made in China. Built with precision and innovation, LOVOL tractors and equipment are sold in 128 countries and regions around the world, including across the ditch in Australia where more than 500 tractors were sold last year, contributing to the brand’s global sales of 117,000 units in 2023.

Fieldays 2024 report: LOVOL Tractors
The LOVOL F4090

These multi-functional tractors range in size from 25hp to 500hp (E-series), with larger model tractors set to arrive in New Zealand later this year.

“Our New Zealand product range boasts cutting-edge features, as well as robust engines, ergonomic design, and every detail crafted with performance and efficiency in mind,” says LOVOL New Zealand salesperson, Stephen Lyttelton.

The E-series offers a diverse array of models, ensuring strong versatility. These tractors can be connected to different implements and are suitable for garden maintenance, mowing, lawn planting, basic fence construction, small-scale livestock farms, and farm planting.

Fieldays 2024 report: LOVOL Tractors
The LOVOL 704 EF was a popular drawcard of the LOVOL Tractors launch at Fieldays

The LOVOL B-series tractors range in power from 40hp to 75hp, featuring a larger body and additional cab space to the E-series. This range is ideal for small to medium farms and is equipped with an efficient high-torque four-cylinder GDI engine, a more robust chassis, and a synchronizer gearbox for smoother operation and enhanced durability and reliability.

Ranging in power from 70hp to 100hp, the F-series tractors, with their narrowed body width, are suitable for orchards and vineyards.

Fieldays 2024 report: LOVOL Tractors
Xiaohui Zhang, Xiaofeng Wang, and Stephen Lyttelton from LOVOL Tractors

Equipped with power shuttle and varying from 90hp to 100hp, the P-series tractors are suitable for general agriculture farming and horticulture.

“Just as important as the quality of our machinery is the quality of our partnerships,” says Stephen. “LOVOL are dedicated to providing exceptional services and support to every Kiwi customer.”

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