Fieldays 2024 report: SAM Machinery

Fieldays 2024 report: SAM Machinery

SAM Machinery is one of a handful of iconic NZ businesses that have been at every single Fieldays® since the first one in 1969

That’s 55 years of Fieldays attendance, and during this time, the evolution of SAM Machinery is just as impressive as the evolution of this globally recognised agricultural event.

The SAM Machinery site proudly featured a full display of the New Zealand-made SAM feed wagons, trailers, and spreaders. Among these, the SAM spreaders proved a particular crowd favourite.

From simple manual drives to smart tech on computer-driven machines, the SAM e-Spreader is an accurate computer-controlled spreader. It’s straightforward to learn and use and ideal if operators have a third-party GPS and don’t want to reinvent the wheel. With added accuracy to help save money on inputs, simply set the rate from the screen in the cab. It also has integrated load cells, an electric back door, an unloading function, and border control. The SAM controller screen in the cab features reliable German hardware and clever Kiwi software.

Fieldays 2024 report: SAM Machinery
A 9T SAM Combo

SAM Topcon spreaders are popular with contractors and large-scale farmers. This is the ultimate in control with accuracy as high as 99% of the target rate.

With Topcon’s well-proven guidance and load cells plus ISOBUS compatibility, they deliver precision and convenience. Now, for a small connection fee with Precision Farming, these spreaders can also link directly with fert suppliers.

The Topcon computer controls the floor speed hydraulically from a screen in the tractor cab. It can use the weight of the product to constantly check the spread rate on the move, so operators can spread more accurately and provide traceability.

The SAM Topcon spreader can plug directly into an ISOBUS tractor. Proof of placement is integrated into the system so there’s no need to rely on third-party reporting. Extra features include dynamic rate control, mapping, and variable rate spreading. ISOBUS sectional control for headlands or cross-over areas means no areas will receive a double application.

Fieldays 2024 report: SAM Machinery
SAM hightail tip trailer: A new hightail design means no spillage when tipping

Also on site was a new SAM hightail tip trailer, with the design ensuring no spillage when tipping, and available on all models up to 14 tonnes.

New-look feed wagons, manual drive spreaders, a new quick cover, and the popular SAM Orchard Spreader made up the range. The Orchard Spreader has been specifically designed to meet the demanding and exact requirements of the horticulture industry. Extremely versatile, it allows the operator to band and pile out the front conveyor and spread out the back and can deal efficiently with everything from vermicast or lime to super, urea, pig manure, sand, and even mulch.

Fieldays 2024 report: SAM Machinery
SAM 12 cube feed wagon

“Fieldays are an excellent opportunity to talk with our customers,” says general manager, Tim Ellingham.

“The feedback we get serves as the backbone of our R&D and is pure gold. Quality, reliable gear that our farmers love is what it is all about, and we need to keep working hard to make that happen.”

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