Special feature: Fieldays Fencing Competitions

The Fieldays Fencing Competitions are organised and run by NZ Fencing Competitions, a national voluntary organisation that organises these national championships at Fieldays, along with regional and local competitions throughout the country

UK team winners of the Tornado Fencing Competition — Mark Evans and Nic Quan

The Fieldays Fencing Competitions are the pinnacle of the fencing industry in terms of showcasing industry best practice. The Golden Pliers™ by WIREMARK is a hotly contested singles championship, with Tony Bouskill of Bouskill Fencing Contractors from Tutira in the Hawke’s Bay having dominated this competition over the past four years, with a rare achievement of winning first off-the-line, best quality, and overall champion this year. Jeff Joines and Tim Shafford were placed second and third respectively.

Mark Lambert and Jeff Joines

The Fieldays Silver Spades™ is the doubles championship and was won this year by Jeff Joines of Jeff Joines Fencing, Te Horo and Mark Lambert from Agri Fencing and Development in Bulls. Shane Bouskill and Tony Bouskill were placed second and Tim Garrick and Cory Twigley came third.

Bernard Condon won the Bill Schuler competition, which is named after legendary Waikato-born fencer Bill Schuler, followed by Troy Brooky and Cameron Hamerton in the second and third position.

NZFC has been working towards the creation of a true World Doubles Fencing Championship at Fieldays. This year, an invitational UK team, winners of the Tornado Fencing Competition, came down to compete in Fieldays Silver Spades. As part of the reciprocal agreement, our 2023 Fieldays Silver Spades winners Jeff Joines and Mark Lambert will compete at the Tornado Fencing Competition at Malvern Sheep Show in the UK in July 2024.

Shane Bouskill

In 2024, the winners of the inaugural US Platinum Strainer Doubles Championship at the East Coast Fencing Rivalry event, which was held in August this year are being invited to New Zealand to compete in Fieldays Silver Spades.

It’s the first known time that a handwork fencing competition has been held in the US.

NZFC will continue to host overseas teams competing in the Fieldays Silver Spades until overseas teams’ involvement suffices a separate World Fencing doubles championship at Fieldays. So stay posted for these exciting times ahead.

Meanwhile, the calibre of the entrants in this year’s heats and finals was the highest standard seen in many years and a true testament to the role fencing competitions play in the fencing industry.

Tony Bouskill

The event was sponsored by Wiremark, Goldpine, Stockade, Strainrite, Stihl, Fencing Contractors Association NZ, Cyclone, Revolution Postdrivers, Steel & Tube, and Hurricane.

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