Fieldays preview: BA Pumps & Sprayers


The all-new, cutting-edge LM Linkage Sprayer with fully hydraulic M-fold boom will be onsite

The LM Linkage range is a product of BA Pumps & Sprayers’ 35 years of experience developing and building sprayers.

Helping ensure farmers can achieve a safe, highly efficient operation in almost any terrain, LM sprayers can be specified with a 900- or 1150-litre tank. The unique T-shaped tank reduces the amount of mud and debris that can collect on controls and access areas and ensures weight is distributed forward for optimal performance.

The M boom is available exclusively on LM Series sprayers

Chemical loading is easy and efficient, thanks to the built-in waist-height induction hopper. For operator safety, there’s a built-in flush tank and handwash tank. The pump and lines are easy to clean, helping maintain the spraying system integrity. LM sprayers have Bertolini 75-litre Poly Pumps, which can handle liquid fertiliser. In-cab electric control allows the operator to switch on and off or adjust pressure on the move.

Auto rate control, GPS, and ISOBUS-ready upgrades are available for advanced operations, which means the LM Series can fit into a precision agriculture operation.

LM sprayers can be specified with a 900L or 1150L tank

The M boom is available exclusively on LM Series sprayers. It offers full wing lift and hydraulic fold functionality from just two hydraulic remotes. M booms are available in 10-metre or 12-metre variants, and they can cover up to 18 metres with an optional factory-fitted fence line kit.

The boom opens and closes hydraulically. Folding is activated from the tractor seat and no operator intervention is required.

M folding and full wing lift enable farmers to get the productivity benefits of a 12-metre boom, even when working in rolling country. Built-in breakaways enhance safety and prevent damage to the equipment by clearing obstacles during spraying. Also, the smooth outer shape of the LM minimises fence hook-ups and ensures uninterrupted spraying.
BA Pumps & Sprayers general manager Mark Harris says the LM Linkage Sprayer can save farmers up to 50% on spraying times.

The M boom offers full wing lift and hydraulic fold functionality

“It’s a world-first design, built for New Zealand’s local conditions. LM sprayers prioritise safety, efficiency, and durability. It’s so innovative that the LM Series and M Boom is a finalist in the Fieldays Innovation Awards,” says Mark.

As well as the LM Series, the BA stand at Fieldays will feature their other linkage sprayers, including the 1000- and
1300-litre LS Series plus the 1600- and 1900-litre LK Series. There will also be a selection of trailed and deck mount sprayers for those smaller spray jobs.

Mark Harris, BA Pumps & Sprayers general manager

“Fieldays is a great way to connect with farmers and contractors and we’re excited that we can take the LM sprayer out to market for a closer look,” says Mark.

BA Pumps & Sprayers are at stand C30 at Fieldays, 12–15 June, Mystery Creek.

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