Fieldays preview: LOVOL tractors


An expanded offering from LOVOL tractors will be on display at Fieldays®, with more models set to arrive in New Zealand at a later stage

National LOVOL distributor Metrade Limited is showcasing the tractor range, offering an opportunity to see the newly landed offerings up close and in person.

Joining the LOVOL TE and TB Series, which were launched at Northland Field Days in Dargaville, the expanded Fieldays offering includes a P4000 Series 110hp tractor equipped with power shuttle shift, a F4000 Series 90hp orchard tractor equipped with front PTO/ front TPL, and a TE Orchard and Greenhouse tractor with 70hp (ideal for working in an environment with space constraints).

P4000 Series

Ranging from 90hp to 110hp, the P4000 delivers synchroniser shifting, power shifting, and crawling gear shifting methods, with optional wet PTO, wet brakes, and a variety of tyres. Boasting high ground clearance, small steering radius, large traction, and lifting force, the multipurpose tractor can work with a variety of implements.

F4000 Series

The F4000 Series can work with a variety of implements

Choose from 75hp, 80hp, 90hp, and 100hp power selections with the LOVOL F4000 tractor. Featuring innovative modelling, a compact body (less than 1.4-metre width) and multiple supporting machines and tools, it’s also equipped with a safety frame in the middle position and a built-in dry air filter, as well as an exhaust in the lower position.

With 4WD (electric control) and differential lock (electric control), the machine has a continuous hydraulic output flow of 50 litres per minute (the total hydraulic output flow can be up to 67 litres per minute). The front PTO, power shuttle shift, and front suspension can be optional.

TE Orchard and Greenhouse Series

TE Orchard and Greenhouse Series

Perfect for working in greenhouses and orchards with height and space constraints, the E Series has 60hp and 70hp models, with a compact body and multiple supporting machines and tools to work in space-constrained environments. This is an affordable tractor solution ideal for carrying out daily work.

TE Series

The E Series tractors range in power from 25hp to 50hp, across a diverse array of models. These tractors can be connected with different implements and are generally suitable for garden maintenance, mowing, lawn planting, basic fence construction, small-scale livestock farms, and farm planting.

TB Series

The LOVOL B Series tractors range in power from 40hp to 75hp. With a bigger body and additional cab space to the
E Series, this range is suitable for small to medium farms. The tractors are equipped with an efficient high-torque four-cylinder GDI engine, a more robust chassis, and a synchroniser gearbox, making operation smoother and bringing strong durability and reliability.

LOVOL tractors are at stand H45 at Fieldays, 12–15 June, Mystery Creek.

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