First Claas tractors

Claas tractors were introduced to the New Zealand market in February. Included in the lineup is the Claas Celtis, a versatile tractor designed for top performance in a broad range of operating conditions.

Offering superb operator comfort, high reliability and exceptional manoeuvrability, the Celtis is one of two Claas tractor ranges introduced to the New Zealand market late last year.

Robert Reith, product manager for Landpower, says the Celtis RX is ideal for arable and pastoral farmers who require an easy-to-operate general-purpose tractor that is efficient and economical.

Reith says the Celtis RX range comprises four models – the 426 (75hp), 436 (84hp), 446 (92hp) and the 456 (102hp). All are powered by a TIER II compliant, high-torque DPS engine with electronically controlled fuel injection and electronic engine management system.

The modern four-cylinder engine offers enormous tractive power for every job – from ploughing through to towing heavy trailers or high-performance balers. With up to 43 percent torque reserve, it effortlessly handles difficult situations without the need to change gear. A 50:50 weight distribution also means this power is transferred to the ground more efficiently.

Clean and green
Extremely fuel-efficient, the low-emission 4.5-litre engine is driven through a five-forward/five-reverse speed transmission operated via a Twinshift and Revershift electro-hydraulic reverser. A creep speed is also available, giving a total of 20 forward and 20 reverse speeds, with eight gears in the 4-12kph working range.

With the Revershift hydraulic shuttle reverser, the operator can disengage the clutch while the engine is under load without the need to operate the clutch pedal. Shifting from forwards to reverse is quick and easy in each gear – all by fingertip control.

The easy-to-operate shuttle reverser and the tractor’s enormous hydraulic power means the Celtis is ideal for tasks such as silage making or front-end loader work. It also offers ample lifting power via a rear hydraulic system that provides a maximum lift capacity of up to 4.6 tonnes (Celtis 456).

Wide open spaces
The spacious Celtis cab – the widest in this power sector – offers excellent visibility, comfort and noise control (73dB), leaving the operator fresh and stress-free, even after a long day of work, Landpower claims.

All the main operator controls are ergonomically grouped on one right-hand console within easy reach of the driver, and the well-positioned and intelligently laid-out instrument panel display clearly shows all operational information at a glance.

Other exciting cab features include an adjustable steering column, forward-opening doors for easy access, and an opening roof panel for loader visibility.

A carefully positioned standard linkage control allows safe and precise control when lifting and lowering the linkage. Mechanical linkage control is standard, but the Celtis can also be supplied with the optional TCE9 electronic linkage control system. TCE9 offers additional features such as quick entry, height limit and lowering speed adjustment, and a transport shock absorber.

Servicing the Celtis is also remarkably quick and simple. Oil level indicators are within easy reach and two easily removed side panels enable rapid access to the engine. The filter for ventilation and air conditioning is located in front of the cab on the upper section of the bonnet and is accessed simply by unclipping the cover – no tools required.

Reith says Claas Celtis tractors offer outstanding reliability and are backed by an exceptional level of after-sales support provided through the Landpower network.

For more information contact your nearest Landpower agent, phone (03) 344 0100, or visit

Specifications: Claas Celtis
Model 426 436 446 456
Bore/stroke (mm) 106.5/127 106.5/127 106.5/127 106.5/127
No of cylinders 4 4 4 4
Power rating (kW/hp) at 2200rpm 53/72 59/80 66/90 74/100
Max power (kW/hp) at 2000rpm 55/75 62/84 68/92 75/102
Max torque (Nm/rpm) 283/1500 333/1400 365/1400 390/1500
Max speed (kph) 40 40 40 40
Unladen weight (kg) 4030 4190 4410 4670
Overall length (mm) 3805 3872 3957 3964
Max overall width (mm 2510 2510 2510 2510
Wheelbase (mm) 2489 2489 2489 2489
Ground clearance (mm) 380 420 420 515
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