Fit for a king

Needing a robust method of carrying goods, materials and livestock? A New Zealand wool buyer and keen hunter has found an innovative solution.

Launched at Mystery Creek Field Days and winner of a prestigious Innovation Centre Equipment Award this year, the CarryKing is a simple solution to a common problem.

The CarryKing is a carrier attachment for ATVs, born out of one hunter’s frustration at not being able to carry much other than himself on his own ATV.

After eight years of working and trials, Paul Gale emerged from his workshop with a New Zealand-designed, made and manufactured carrier, suitable for any ATV on the market.

In a country with around 80,000 ATVs in rural areas alone, the multi-functional CarryKing has already been well received. It can carry tools, fencing gear, liquids in containers and even livestock, and when not in use, it neatly folds away providing extra frontal protection for the ATV. The foldaway aspect was also developed so that the ATV could still fit onto the back of a Ute or trailer.

Simplicity is the key, and the carrier can be attached using four lugs onto the ATV’s front safety rail. It is compatible to all ATVs, with robust adjustable fitting brackets designed for the front of the machine. The design cleverly retains front ground clearance while retaining a low centre of gravity for driver safety. The carrier is made out of steel and is galvanised for extra durability.

The CarryKing has also been fitted onto concrete trucks, ride-on lawn mowers and tractors.

The New Zealand patent for the CarryKing is in its final stages of examination, and it has also sought a PCT, which protects the invention in 88 member countries.

With very little spare carrying capacity on an ATV, the CarryKing is quickly becoming a necessity for farmers, carrying up to three 20-litre containers, a full-sized sheep or essential tools.

The CarryKing is available throughout New Zealand. 

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